Friday, November 30, 2007

Neighborhood Christmas Light Parade

Our Annual Light Parade around the block. We all sat on a trailer and sang Christmas carrols as we drove around the circle to see every one's Christmas lights. Afterward we went to the McSpadden's for donuts and hot chocolate.

Em & all the neighbor boys. She is the only girl in this neighborhood, but she doesn't seem to mind.

All of the girls sat around and made Christmas ornaments while the guys watched football. It was a mad house with 50 billion kids running every direction. We all had a great time!
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Our Reflection Winners!

We had some big winners again this year. Grandma Clark's talent is shining through!

This year's theme was "I can make a difference by..."

Abbie's was... I can make a difference by helping keep our world beautiful!

Max's was... I can make a difference by working hard in school so I can grow up and be an astronaut. (I will have to post Max's picture later because his picture is going on to the next level.)

Emilee's was.. I can make a difference by being kind to everyone I meet.

Max took first in the whole visual arts category. Em also won a trophy in her age division. Abbie was a big Honorable Mention winner! ( I love her and her picture is so cute! It was so fun to watch her paint, she was so excited to finally get to enter this year.) When they called her up and gave her the ribbon she said to me, "Where is my trophy?" I told her that she took first place in the whole kindergarten and that she got a winner ribbon. She wasn't sure that was going to cut it. When we got home Emilee was back from dance and saw that Abbie didn't have a trophy. She told Abbie, "They ran out of trophies so they told mom that you and I were suppose to share mine." Abbie said "it's okay, Max already told me that I could have his last year trophy, then you can have yours, and Max can have his new one, and we will all have our own."

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

So much to be thankful for!!!!!

It has been the best Thanksgiving Holiday!

It started Wednesday with the kids home from school. We started to get our Christmas stuff out, turned on the Carols and could feel the Holiday Spirit in the air. Jason and I decided that it would be a good weekend to try to get the tiling done down in the basement. Wow! What a project! We started Wednesday night and finished on Saturday. I am lucky to be married to such a "handy" man.

Thursday we headed up to Wallsburg for a fun filled Party. We had the BEST food as usual and it was so fun to be all together. (Missing the Thompsons more than ever!) After Dinner Mom had fun Thanksgiving crafts for the kids to do. There was of course football and yummy pie. It was so fun to have my Grandma Bowden with us! Thursday night we went to the Miller's for the famous traditional Chocolate Sundae Pie. Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving for Jason without it. Then back for more late night tiling.

Friday we worked in our basement all day long. Then that night we had a fun lights on party at the Millers.

Saturday was packed full of more projects including putting the lights on the house. (Jason was out until 11:30 p.m. on the ladder until I finally made him come in.) The highlight of the day was the Cougar victory over Utah!!! We had a fun party with Cafe Rio take out and the kids had their friends over. They all wore their Y shirts and cheered throughout the whole game.

Then tonight we ended the fun week off with putting up and decorating the tree. It was so fun to watch the kids go to town. They loved every minute of it.

I have felt more blessed then ever before and I know I have so much to be thankful for! Especially this time of year. I feel so lucky to have a such an amazing family to love and share everyday with! I feel so blessed to be a mom and get to stay home and be with my great kids everyday! I have the most incredible husband that takes such good care of all of us! He makes me so happy!! We all have been blessed with great health. I have been so lucky to have been born into the great family that I did and raised with the gospel. I have wonderful parents who are a great example to me and brothers and sisters who are my best friends. I feel lucky to have taken on the Miller name and have such great in laws. I love the beautiful place and great neighborhood I live in. I feel proud to be an American and love this great country we enjoy! Life is good and I am truly grateful for all of the many many blessings I have!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I guess we didn't learn our lesson yesterday.

No, I didn't accidentally post yesterdays pictures again. It is a new day with the same tricks. Just after breakfast I heard Emilee yell, "Mom she did it again." I did refold all of the clothes yesterday just in time to do it again today. And if you can't see, that is my Tide on the floor in the bottom right hand corner.

Time Out AGAIN!

We have to stick her in the high chair because it is the only place we can hold her without her escaping.

Posted by PicasaI recorded her in her high chair saying "Sorry Mom" & trying to convince someone to let her out. She goes through all the rules of the house. ..I guess it didn't blog her talking.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A day in the life of Lucy Kim

If any of you ever wondered what my days are like, just look at a typical day for Lucy and you will know how I spend most of my time. First of all I spend a lot of my day whispering and tip toeing around because Lucy is constantly telling me "SHHHH, my babies are sleeping". She has a baby in hand 24-7. And is feeding them, taking them for walks and caring for them because they are always sick. I often find her at the medicine cabinet trying to give her baby benadryl.

Yep, Lucy has been here!

And Here!

This isn't the first time this has happened. Lucy entertains herself by scooping cup after cup of detergent on my floors. I have learned it doesn't matter how high I put things up, she can climb anywhere and find anything!

And Here!
This was my laundry room last night. These clothes were folded and put in the buckets on the counter top in my laundry room. She thought it was fun to dump each bucket out on the floor and jump in the clothes.

We had the Heaps over for dinner last night because they are in the middle of moving. I got the Jello out of the fridge and it wasn't seconds until Lucy was on the counter and digging through it with her hands and served herself up a plate.

After dinner she decided to empty the salt and pepper shakers all over the table and finish off the last of the drink.

Do you think it is the hair that gives this girl all of her energy and sassy personality?
Jason, if you are ever wondering why I may be a little short fused or worn out by the end of the day, just look down at your cute little curly haired girl and know she has been busy doing what she does best!
I love You Lucy!!! Two and all!!! You keep me smiling and are the best little buddy to spend everyday with!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Date Night with Dad

Jason took the kids on a fun Daddy Date night to the Cougar Basketball Game and then to Krispy Kreme for some late night donuts.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dad is a pushover!

My patience with the kids runs out a lot quicker in the night time then Jason's. I am usually counting down until bed time and am ready for some peace and quite. Jason is always trying to convince me that it's okay if the kids stay up a little bit longer. The kids think their dad is so much nicer than their mom and they know how to work it!! Usually when I tuck Lucy into bed she sneaks back down stairs. I take her right back up stairs and try again. This can go on for several attempts. Jason on the other hand is secretly telling Lucy to come lay by him on the couch and watch t.v. with him. He likes holding his little girl and she loves being by her dad, (especially if it gets her out of going to bed). And guess who gets to deal with the tired grouchy kids the next day after their late nights? I guess that is what you get when you're married to the world's greatest dad. I know I could learn a thing or two from him on having fun!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Family Night

Last night for Family Night we had a movie party. The kids earned money for the things they had done throughout the week. (Example: they got a nickel for every time they had personal prayer last week, or a quarter for a kind deed they had done for someone else, etc. Then they had to pay me for the unkind things they did. Like give back a dime if they had told a lie.) Then what ever money they had at the end of FHE they could buy dinner and treats for the show.

It's a good thing we weren't calculating Lucy's week, she would have had to go hungry and would still owe me money!!!

Jason ran the cash register and I served the food.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Carving Pumpkins

It was past Lucy's bedtime if you couldn't tell.

Posted by PicasaMax carved his own pumpkin this year. He told me that he had to be brave and get used to scooping out the guts cause that would be his job when he grew up and became a dad.

Posted by PicasaAbbie and Elle before leaving to school for their parties!

(Somehow my posts got messed up and out of order)
After a fun night of trick or treating we warmed up by the fire and drank hot chocolate.

After eating way to many treats we decided to show off our tricks!

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Lucy and Megan waiting for the parade to begin.

Max working hard in his class before the party starts.

Posted by PicasaEmme's class learned the Thriller dance and performed it for us.