Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Baby turned 3 and Celebrating a day of Love

OH, how I LOVE Valentines!!!! I say that every holiday is my favorite, but this one really might be!! How can you not LOVE a day to celebrate all that you have to LOVE. !

After everyone left to school Jayne insisted on decorating her own box too. Jayne and I got invited to go to lunch with our valentine. We BOTH love her dad and anytime we get to spend with him! Then we hurried back and got ready for our family Valentine Party. We had a tasty dinner at which everyone took turns telling something that they loved about each other. After we had a family dance. Then we hurried to make a memorable "special valentine" delivery to someone. It will be something that I will remember forever. (The kids going into the mall together, the lectures, the outrage, the tears, the drama, the running.) Oh good times!

How did I get so lucky to get to LOVE these 6?

The day before Valentines was "Dress up as your favorite book character" day at school. These 3 dressed up like characters out of the books they have been reading this year. They figured it out and picked out their outfits all by themselves

Max- Tim Tebow

Abbie - Justin Bieber
Lucy - Pinkalicious

My baby girl is growing up! We just celebrated her 3rd Birthday and I only cried twice.

She has been WAITING and WAITING for February 9th to get here. She had her party planned down to the last detail. The guest list was well over 50 people. She wanted to invite everyone that she loved. Most of the list included all the people in our neighborhood, the adults and kids of all ages. Jayne is loved by all because she is one of the youngest kids in our neighborhood. And she knows it!

That morning we had a special breakfast and opened presesnts.

Then because her mom was a party pooper and didn't let her invite everyone she knew, Jayne settled for one special guest, her BFF, Ryder. She was so happy to have him to celebrate her special day with! We had pizza, a princess cake ( from COSTCO only), and went to Kangaroo zoo. All specific orders from the birthday girl herself. She loved all the special attention!!!

Jayne thinks about Ryder all the time. She wanted to get him a CARS birthday cake so that he would have one too. Every time she gets a treat or anything she wants to get one and save it for him. She asks me all week, when it will be Thursday because she knows that they get together on Thursdays to play.

She was also LUCKY enough to have her Grandma and Grandpa Miller come celebrate with her.

Special Things about our Jayne:

*Jayne loves treats! Any type as long as it is chuck full of sugar.

* She loves me to read her books. Her favorites are "Good Night Moon & Guess How much I love you."

* She loves breakfast! She asks every morning for Thinnys. But loves any breakfast food.

* She LOVES her sister Abbie. She wants to go anywhere she goes and loves to cuddle up with her in bed every night.

* Loves the movies, Lion King, Mosters Inc, Annie, Enchanted, & of course Tangled!

* Loves Riding her bike. She cruises around the house all day in her bike because it is so cold outside. Her dad is already wanting to take off her training wheels.

* She is the QUEEN MESS MAKER!!! She can turn this house upside down in minutes flat.

* She loves her Dad!!! She has him SOOO wrapped around her little finger. All she has to do is say, "Can I lay by you, 1 minute" and she can get out of bedtime every night. He takes her to the gas station every time she asks and loves to ride in his big truck. She cries if she doesn't get to give him a hug and kiss as he heads out the door each day.

* She loves to go ANYWHERE! She doesn't like to be stuck at home. She is always asking me to to take her to walmart, or to the park, or to the tree at the mall. She loves running errands and being in the car. She is always asking if we can have lunch somewhere else. (Not at home.)

* She gets in the tub several times a day and perfers to spend her day without her clothes on.

* She loves going to her little neighborhood preschool with all of her friends & loves nursery at church.

WE ALL LOVE HER SO VERY MUCH!!! I will always consider her my special Valentine!!!

One of my biggest Blessings is getting to spend everyday at home with her!!!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Girls Getaway

This Year we headed to Arizona where it was WARM! We started off the trip getting the special treatment by Jamie who did our hair.

I got to see my favorite little newphews.

We got to see the cute place where my parents have been living, and my mom made us the tastiest dinner topped off with this gourmet boston creme pie.

We shopped, ate, swam, got pedicures and manicures, laughed, cried, and did everything that would make a perfect girls weekend. And the best part was that my dad was around and joined us a little.

I love these four! They are truly my best friends!

Other Highlights to remember:

Nicole packing enough chocolate to last a year. (It was worth the extra cost to get it all there!)

My 200 shirts.

Jamie taking one for the team and sleeping on the ground.

Our Paziooki dessert after shopping.

Jamie trying to outdo Heath with our Mani Pedi's.

Jamie working it out on the dance floor at the bar.

The most delicious fish tacos. (It was a taco themed weekend. I ate them everyday :)

My fancy ring from my mom.

Talking to Nicole on the plane. So glad I had a traveling buddy.

Ordering Chips and Salsa in the lobby and talking to Dad late at night.

Thank you Jamie and Mom for being the best hostesses! The countdown had begun for next year!