Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again...

Brace yourselves!!!!
My baby girl started Jr. High.
I know, I was just there myself and I don't know how it is possible that I have a daughter old enough to be in 7th grade.
She had a 7th grade day before everybody else started. She was nervous and very excited and thankfully came home with a smile on her face. Her locker opened and she found all of her classes.

Then it was the first day of school for everybody else. And I don't like that Emilee is missing in the picture. She starts school over an hour before everybody else and is gone before the rest of the group gets up. I liked it best when I knew that they were all at the same school together.

With all the anticipation of the first day of school it didn't go as smoothly as we had hoped.
I waited all day for my kids to walk through the door and tell me about their amazing first days of school.
After they didn't show up after school I talked to one of my neighbors and realized that we had some miscommunication about the carpool and my kids didn't get picked up. So I jumped in my car and hurried down to get them. When they realized that I wasn't coming Abbie and Max had started walking and I found them half way home.
When they got in the car, Max immediately broke down and told me that it was the WORST day of his entire life and that he was never going back to school.
Abbie seemed to have a good day but was so concerned with Max and told me that I had to transfer Max into a different class tomorrow!

(Millie, one of Lucy's BFF's started 1st grade today and Lucy was so lonely without her buddies to play with. She must of asked 100 times when school would be out. She is counting down the days until Kindergarten starts next week.)

Abbie and Isabelle were ready for the big day.

3rd Grade

We also had a little Drama in the morning with Emilee.
It being the real 1st day of school for Emilee, she set her alarm for 6:30 to get up and get looking her best.
I was already up and heard her get up and turn off her alarm. I started making breakfast and getting stuff done thinking that she was up. At 7:15 when she hadn't come up stairs yet I went down to tell her that breakfast was ready and I found her dead asleep in her bed. When I woke her up all heck broke loose. Her carpool would be there in minutes and her plans of a curling her hair and having a good 1st morning went out the window. She threw on her clothes and ran out the door with lots of tears. We tried to take a 1st day of school picture with all the kids in the carpool but she was NOT in the mood. So this is a after school picture of the 1st day.
Emilee is a lucky girl to carpool with all of these cute boys. They are her best buddies and they all walk home from school together every day.
This is the 2nd day of school, this time with a smile.
Thank heaven's she woke up on time today!!! Abbie even prayed for her last night because we all didn't want to experience that again!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


This is for the Thompson's Entertainment


Where does the time go? What would I give to hold that cute little girl again? If only I could find something that could freeze my kids forever. I love her little curls and cute voice!


But I guess some things never change. Lucy will always be Lucy!

(She's in time out for making a BIG mess in the laundry room, not for hitting Parker. But every time I used to ask her if she was being good she'd tell me that she hit Parker because one time she did and I guess it really stuck. The beeping sound is the timer for her to get out of time out.)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Holdin' On!

To every last minute of summer!
We feel it slipping away and we don't want it end!
We decided to enjoy one of our last days at the one and only Hogle Zoo.

I loved being together with just my kids!
Even if Emilee complained a lot on the way there, after an AWESOME day together she confessed that it was a pretty fun day after all! Of course! When is she going to realize that any day with her mom and brother and sisters is FUN!!!
Summer Please Stay!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Laguna Beach 2010

We stopped in Vegas on the way there and met up with the Clark's.
We ate at the yummy Rio's Seafood Buffet & then went and hit the town.
This is us all shoved in the their mini van cruising the strip.
We got some awesome stares when we all piled out.

Bret and Nic are the Vegas experts and showed us around the town.
We had never seen the Belagio fountains and we were very impressed!

My kids were a little shell shocked to say the least at the whole city in general.
Emilee kept asking when we could leave because she was scared to death by the people.
Max had his eyes closed as we would walk through the casino in our hotel.
Our road trip was much funner with hilarious texts from Bret and Nicole and stops for ice cream at Dairy Queen.

We enjoyed the rest of week in Paradise!

Grandma bought these girls their ear rings and it was probably the highlight of their trip.

These fish spent 80% of their days in the pool. And Lucy learned to swim!!!!

We had some fun adult dinners!

And we spent last week doing nothing but this...


Eating Good...

Being with cousins that we don't see enough...

Soaked in the sun...

Laughed a lot with Jamie's stunts...


(Jason was very particular about his chairs this year and would excavate them out just perfect.

Matt was always in charge of digging the trenches to keep us all dry.)

And made memories together as a family!

Thanks mom and dad for arranging it all and getting us there.

We love you!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lucy's Laundry Tactics

Lucy does not like emptying her laundry basket!
After I wash their clothes, I fold them and put them into their own individual buckets for them to put away in their closets.
Yesterday, after Lucy supposedly emptied her bucket I found all of her clothes thrown in pile in her tub in her bathroom.
So today I told her to get them all out, refold them and put them all away where they are suppose to go. She told me this morning, "Mom I got all the clothes out of the tub and put them away."
Of course I was on the phone and so she ran out to play.
A little bit later, this is what I found behind our couch.
What do I do with her????