Wednesday, May 21, 2008


If you see this child wondering the streets chances are I don't know she is out. Lucy has been taking off to the neighbors without telling me where she is going and the worst part is she completely knows better! When she gets to the door the first thing she says to the person who answers the door is, "Don't tell my Mom!" right as she walks in the door. Once I realize she is gone, I hunt her down, bring her back home and put her in time out. But it isn't seconds until she is sneaking out of her room and escaping down the street once again. I bet she took off 10 times yesterday and I am not kidding! She even got an early start over to the Heims for some pancakes at 7:00 a.m. (Sorry Wendy!) Wendy came home yesterday afternoon to Lucy down in the basement with her clothes off trying to put on a princess dress all by herself. If no one answers the door, no problem she just heads in and helps herself. She loves Wendy and considers herself one of her best friends. Yesterday I had all of the little neighbor girls here running through the sprinklers with Lucy. With in a split second Lucy is missing and is later found at the Yarros with her clothes off just busy playing. No one even knew she was there and Millie was here playing at my house. I don't know what to do with her!! Time out, grounding, spanking, screaming,... nothing phases her. I am thinking a leash is my only option. Yes, I have tried locking all the doors but she waits for the perfect time (like when I am in the shower), hauls her bathroom stool from upstairs all the way down into the garage, gets up on it, pushes the garage door button and then makes a run for it. So if Child Protective Services shows up to my house you will know why.

Crazy Hair Day

I am hoping that they never choose to do their hair like this for real. But it was fun for a day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family Soccer

Every Saturday this month we get to spend the day cheering on our three soccer stars!! It has been so fun to watch Emilee, Max, & Abbie all play this year!

Lucy would like to join them and tells us that it is her soccer game. But she has fun on the sidelines eating the team treats and playing at the park with her little friends. It won't be long until Brooklyn & Lucy will be following in their sisters footsteps.

We were so lucky to have Grandma Clark there to watch.
She took the kids for a donut break between games and was the best cheerleader of all! We love you Grandma!

Abbie, Brynley & Mariah
I think Abbie loves soccer the most! She has been looking forward to another season all year. She is so quick and aggressive and loves being with her friends. Her team is all of the little neighbor girls and they dominate every game!

Max is a natural. He hasn't played soccer for several years and wasn't sure how he'd like it. His first game he scored 10 goals.

Max, Jordan & Tyson

Emilee decided that she wanted to play this year too. She is also on a team with all of her school friends and has so much fun goofing around with them. She made her first goal last week and is Awesome! Uncle Heath you would be proud!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fathers & Sons

The Highlight of Max's year is the Fathers and Sons Campout. He has been asking everyday for weeks how many more days. He loves to cook his dinner over the fire, go canoeing, ride the zip line, try to find frogs, play with his buddies, sleep in a tent, and best of all be with his Dad!
The Heims rode up with Jason and Max and poor Erich got car sick and threw up in Jason's truck.

We miss the boys while they are gone but we look forward to our own girls night out every year!

We started the night out running through the sprinklers because the weather was finally warm enough and Abbie and Em were not going to miss out on the fun.

The girls picked where we ate dinner and of course they chose the Pizza Factory.

Then Abbie chose to go to the park and play.

After we went and took some fun pictures at one of those little photo booths. Then we finished the night off back at home, made brownies, had pedicures and watched the Jazz game. It was so fun to be with my girls! The only thing missing from a perfect night was a Jazz Victory.
I love you Emilee, Abbie, & Lucy!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

" God couldn't be everywhere at once so he gave us Mothers."
I'd have to say that my greatest blessing in my life has been the influence of the incredible Mom that I have!! Her great example and love has made me the person I am today. I could never tell her how much I love her or how much I appreciate the great life she has given me.
She is.....
*The most unselfish person I have ever known. Always puts everyone else before herself.
*The kindest most giving person in the whole world. She is busy helping and serving others every single day.
*The happiest and most optimistic lady you will ever meet. She wakes up with a smile and loves life!
*The best friend and listens and acts interested in everything I do.
*The funnest most loving Grandma and always plans special activities to do with my kids.
*Incredibly talented and is the best artist I have ever seen. She is good at anything she tries.
*A great cook and I always love to go home for something "good" to eat!
*A great example of living what she believes and has a strong testimony.
*The most Christlike person I have ever met!

Some of my best memories of her are:
*Her fixing us a yummy breakfast every morning before school and reading us the scriptures.
*Her waking us up each morning with a smile and often a good morning song.
*She would take us to her sister's Ranch in Colorado all by herself every spring and plan a fun week of all kind of family activities.
*She would come to all of our activities and games.
*She would always invite someone in need over for Sunday Dinner.
*She opened her home and her heart to several foster children.
*I always loved going on walks with her at night and talking just the two of us.
*She loved to swim and would wake up early in the morning and swim laps. In the summer she took us to the swimming pool everyday.
*She sewed us all the cutest matching clothes and would spend hours making us our Sunday dresses, school clothes, jackets, name it she could sew it. And when I got older she sewed all of my dance dresses.
*Always supported me anything I ever wanted to do. She even let me go to Russia when it may have seemed a little bit crazy.
*She always made me feel loved and like I could do anything.

I Love You Mom!!! I never really could fully appreciate all that you did for me until I became a mother myself. You gave me so many wonderful opportunities, taught me more than anyone ever could have, and have always been there for me when I have needed you. I don't know what I did in heaven to be sent to you but I will be forever grateful!!! Happy Mothers Day!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Jay!
Jason turned the big 33 this weekend. Because his birthday was on Sunday we celebrated the whole weekend long.
Friday night Jason and I went up to Salt Lake and ate at Flemmings for the first time. We had an unforgettable cheese platter and a delicious stake. And then hurried back to watch the Jazz and eat chocolate sundae pie.
Saturday we went to see Iron Man with all of Jason's family and then back to his parents for a pizza party.
Sunday we headed up to Wallsberg for a yummy bullsale birthday dinner and strawberry shortcake.

33 Reasons we love our Dad!!!

1. He is always in a good mood and is never grouchy. - Emilee
2. He always comes to all of my football, basketball, and baseball games. - Max
3. He makes us thinnys for breakfast. - Abbie
4. He lets me lay by him and watch t.v. at night when I am suppose to be in bed. - Lucy
5. He works harder than any person I've ever known.

6. He has the cutest blue eyes!
7. He is soo strong!!! - Emilee
8. He will always wrestle with me. - Max
9. He is my soccer coach. - Abbie
10. He always gives me a kiss before he leaves every morning. (not the big one) - Lucy
11. He is honest in everything he does!
12. He dreams big.
13. I love his strong masculine hands.
14. He will always play with us. - Emilee
15. I like to watch the Jazz game with him. - Max
16. He will take us to the gas station and buy us treats. -Abbie
17. He takes me on his motorcycle for a ride. - Lucy
18. He helps with the dishes.
19. He is a great gym partner.
20. He is tan year around.
21. I love to go to his basketball games. - Emilee
22. He takes us places like Cafe Rio. - Max
23. I like to go to his softball games. - Abbie

24. He lets me ride on his shoulders. - Lucy
25. He is very generous and is always willing to help others.
26. He is an incredible basketball player not to mention softball, football, and everything else he plays. He is good at anything he tries.
27. He's got good dance moves - Emilee
28. He does obstacle courses with us. - Max
29. He carries me to bed every night. - Abbie
30. Takes me on his boat. - Lucy
31. He is always optimistic and thinks anything is possible.
32. He loves to have fun and keeps us all laughing.
33. He loves his family and takes care of us all. He is the best dad and husband in the the whole wide world.
We Love You!!!!