Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!!!

From our beautiful little "Diva"

Our Happy little "Hip Hop Witch"

Our Scary & Gruesome "Zombie"

Our Spunky & Energetic "80's Work Out Girl"

And our adorable little "Piggie"
We hope your Halloween Celebrating was as fun as ours!

We started the evening off at the Ward Carnival & Trunk or Treat

And of course we enjoyed the school parade and fun parties!

This is for you Collet.
My camera is horrible.
But the costumes and the kids are so CUTE!
If only my kids had a mother with such talent.
I might need to hire you on for next year.

I got to help at Abbie's Halloween party at school.

And watch this girl wait patiently as she headed off to her big preschool party.
Other highlights included:
The haunted Train
The Roberts Haunted Garage!
Chicken Balls and Yummy Everything at Grandma Millers
Watching Jayne follow Molly Everywhere
Chris as the Tin Man
Max got to be in the school's Spooktacular Spook Ally
Waiting at the doctors office for 2 hours with Jayne while trying to not get the swine flu.
Standing in line forever at Krispy Kreme
Yummy pumpkin pancakes with holiday syrup
Watching all the excitement from a mother's perspective
Sneaking the Almond Joy's out of my kids bags.
The BEAUTIFUL warm weather and the sunshine today!
The full moon.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Project

We have had a basketball hoop for about 3 years now and it has been all put together and just laying in our garage right in the way of everything. We have been wanting to put it up for Max but have had a hard time figuring out where it should go and just all the work it was going to involve.

Now that it is basketball season again we decided we better get it done before Max is on his mission. Jason had the vision of how to make it work and of course the talent to pull it off.

After a week of hard work it all payed off! We finally have our hoop off the ground and being used! The kids are so happy and we all know that Jason doesn't mind playing a little basketball every now and then too, especially if it is with his boy.
And don't be surprised if a few of the Miller Girls turn out to be basketball stars. Abbie is dying to get signed up for Jr. Jazz and follow in her aunt Jamie's footsteps!

And meanwhile Lucy will just use the court to scooter, roller skate, and play with her friends until she gets a little bit older.
Thanks Jason!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miller Girls ... Miller Sisters!

We are Sisters!
We stand together

We make up one big family

But we don't look the same.
Our hair is different...
different colors

We make each other stronger

And that's never going to change!

Believe in Sisters!

The Miller Girls...Miller Sisters!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Feeling OLD but loved!

I know everyone says that they don't feel their age. But REALLY, how can I be 35? It just doesn't seem right!! I have to say that I had another great birthday! There is nothing like having a family to spoil you for a whole day.

My brother always teases me that I like to milk my birthday and try to celebrate it for weeks at a time. And maybe I do.... this year I certainly got the treatment for several days.

I spent a fun day with my Mom and Dad at Thanksgiving Point on Monday. And then Wednesday morning I woke up to this.....

The kids set their alarms early and got up and made me the yummiest crumb cake for breakfast with candles and all. And of course I had the cutest homemade cards from each one of them. My favorite part of my whole day was when all 5 of them came into my room singing happy birthday. Oh how I love them!!! Thank you kids! I will always remember that!
And when I came down stairs I saw these beautiful roses on the counter from Jason. Talk about a great start to a day! The rest of the day continued with phone calls, texts, and stop bys from all of my favorite people, going to lunch, and even a little shopping. Thanks Jeanette for keeping Lucy.
We ended the night off by eating at the Pizza Factory and over to Jason's parents for cake.
Thank you everyone that made my day so special! It is kinda fun to be queen for the day or two or three!

P.S. Kelly I love my present you gave me!!