Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Time Flies when you're having fun!!
Jason and I have been married for 12 years. Last night we celebrated by eating dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then going to Park City to ride the Alpine Coaster. When you get two big folks on one sled and Jason behind the controls it can be a little SCARY! I screamed the whole way down. THANKS, Bret and Nicole for keeping our kids for the night!! You are always so kind and generous and my kids had the time of their lives!
Jason, I don't know how I got so lucky to be your wife! You are the BEST part of my life and make me soo happy! Happy Anniversary! I LOVE YOU!

24th of July Celebration- Wallsburg Style

Jason using using his decorating skills to get the trailer ready for the big Wallsburg 24th Parade.

Cutest bunch of kids in the parade! Emilee and Jenny got to drive the 4 wheeler this year and the rest of the kids in the back threw candy and waved. Jason and I couldn't keep up with Em to see if they were doing okay. We were happy to see them all alive and well at the end of the parade route.


Look who we saw up at the big Celebration. The Yarro's have family ties up at Wallsberg too. We were happy to see their cute family! (It's not easy standing in a picture next to the skinny triathlon trainers)

Oh, do we love our Grandpa!

Grandpa Clark kept everyone happy by buying snowcones and drinks to try to keep everyone cool.

After the Parade and some fun at the park we headed to Grandma & Grandpa Clark's for some yummy lunch. Then back to the park for the Rodeo.
Look who was the big WINNER in the Bunny Chase.
If you can run lightening speed like Max nobody can beat you!
The kids loved the bunny but Max gave it up to another little boy that wanted it. Mom and Dad weren't too sad. We weren't too excited about bring a rabbit back home.
We had TWO big WINNERS this year. Uncle Matt takes the competition very serious every year and his boys always end up with something at the end. Jace was the big winner of the Chicken Chase. I was so impressed how Dax and Jace had no problem carrying the chicken around. Way to Go BOYS!
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Abbie, Millie and Isabelle entered the goat dressing contest.

As you can see Isabelle was the brave one and had no problem handling the goat. Abbie on the other hand was a little hesitant. I thought they did GREAT!

The were a close second in the race and they could of totally beat if the darn goat would of just held still. I had a mom keep telling me "Mom's can't help" when I would bend down to give them a little assistance. Way to go GIRLS!

Happy Birthday Abba Dabba Doo!

Our Sunshine has turned 6.

6 things I love about my Abbie
1. Her Contagious Smile!!
2. She loves everything she does. School, dance, sports, artwork. Abbie loves to be involved.
3. She is never too old to give her mom and dad kisses and hugs.
4. She plays hard, works hard, and gives everything her all. (Then she passes out on the couch every night and has her Dad carry her to bed.)
5. She loves to be crazy, pulls the funniest faces, does the goofiest dance moves, and keeps us all laughing. (I think she gets it from her uncle Lewis)
6. She is the best sister, daughter, friend in the world and we LOVE her!

Flaming Gorge 08

Another FUN year at Flaming Gorge!! A whole week of being together as a family and playing hard.

The kids love to be pulled on the tube. This year we went through 3 tubes because we had such wild rides.

Emilee and Abbie both were great knee boarders! And Max got up on the Wake Board for the first time this year. Too bad I only had my camera out for Em. Way to be BRAVE Kids!
Jason is the Master Wake boarder! It is his very favorite thing and could spend all day behind the boat. His boat driver isn't so shabby either if I do have to say so myself.

We made some GREAT memories playing at the Lake together!


One of the best parts of the trip is spending some quality time together in the trailer at night. We love to play cards and tell stories.

Lucy showing off her new ear rings and lip gloss she got from our family party one night.

Abbie and Annie made up some great dances and performances for us all. Talent!

Grandma and Grandpa Miller took good care of us all!! We had some great food and the kids always looked forward to heading over to their campsite for some yummy pancakes for breakfast. Thank You!!

Grandma & Grandpa also took kid after kid to the bathrooms on the scooters or just for a ride. I think we set a record for how many kids could fit on one scooter.

What a fun tradition Jason's family has. Thank you everyone for making it so great.... Until next year!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birthday Kids

How lucky am I to have two cute Birthday Kids to Celebrate with? Max and Lucy are born just a day apart and Max always says that Lucy was his best birthday present ever. Even though he was hoping and praying for a little brother he couldn't love his little sister any more!!!

Lucy is 3 and it is breaking my heart. I love the age of two and we have had the funnest year with her! She keeps reminding me that she is going to school this year and is already wanting to be with her friends more than her mom. She is an independent spirit and knows just what she wants. You wouldn't know she is our baby because she rules the house.
But Oh do we love her!!!
The three top things I love about Lucy:
1. She is full of spunk and loves life! She isn't afraid of anything and wants to go boating, tubing, down all the slides at 7 peaks, wants to ride on the motorcycle, you name it she wants to be in the center of it all!
2. She loves her family. She loves sleeping with Abbie, dancing with Emme, ( you should see her moves) , wrestling and laughing with Max, she HAS to give her dad a kiss every morning before he leaves to work and she likes to help her mom in the kitchen.
3. She is little miss social and loves to be with people. She wakes up each morning happy and ready to head out to find her friends. The only problem is she thinks she is 12. She loves to play or talk to anyone and will preform for anyone that will stop and listen to her for a second. She asks every neighbor, aunt, or anyone she is talking to, can I come to your house to play? Or, can I sleep at your house? She is always trying to find a party.

Lucy please stop growing up! You make our house so happy and WE LOVE YOU SO!!!

Posted by PicasaHappy Birthday Loose!

Max is 8!

Can't believe my boy is 8 and ready to be baptized. A Birthday he has been waiting for for quite a while.
Max has been saving up his money for months to get a motorcycle. He has been working in the house, pulling weeds, babysitting and anything else he could do to earn a little money. We knew he was getting close to his goal so we decided that his birthday would be a perfect time to get it. Just days before he got out his money and showed us that he had earned his portion of the bike. I reminded him about paying his tithing and he told me that if he payed his tithing then he wouldn't have enough to buy the motorcycle. I told him that it was his decision to make. A few minutes later he came to me and told me that he didn't think he was going to pay his tithing and then the tears ran down his cheeks. He said " but then I won't be able to go to the celestial kingdom." So after a little more thought he decided to pay his tithing and work a little more to get that last little bit. With a little birthday money from his Grandma's he had enough for his bike. Saturday Morning we decided to celebrate both his and Lucy's birthday together. I had some presents wrapped on the table for them. Most of them were for Lucy to open and Max just had a pair of shorts and a shirt. I thought he would be wondering why the heck she had more. But he just opened his up and was so excited. He said these are the coolest shorts ever. Then after he watched Lucy open all of hers he got dressed and we asked him to take the garbage out. He gathered up all the wrapping paper and took the garbage out to the garage. Little did he know that he his real present was waiting out there. He was soo surprised and excited when he saw it sitting there. He spent the day riding up and down the streets and what a cute & cautious little rider he is!

Max- Out of all the little boys in the world, How was I lucky enough to get you? You are the Joy in our family and I truly feel so lucky to be your mom! You are good through and through!

8 things I love about my Max:

1. He is a real boy. Loves to play all sports, shoot guns, wrestle, get dirty, and do boy things with his Dad.

2. He loves to laugh! (Sometimes it gets his mom a little mad because he can't stop.)

3. He never wants to hurt anyone's feelings and is the peacemaker in our home. Even his friend once told me that we call him the peacemaker because he never wants anyone to get mad and fight. He is kind to everyone!
4. He loves his sisters and treats them like his best friends.

5. He takes out the garbage and is a big help around the house. He is even getting good at the dishes!

6. He tries his very best at everything he does. In sports he has this look of sheer determination on his face and he gives 110%. He doesn't like to lose and takes everything very serious. I have never seen anyone so determined to make a goal in soccer this year than Max and he won't stop until he does!

7. He is willing to try anything even if he is a little unsure. Max gets his cautiousness from his Mom but he doesn't let fear get the best of him. He gets out on the knee board behind the boat and wakeboards with his Dad. He loves to try all things and have fun!

8. Max has a very tender heart and wants to do what is right. He never wants to get in trouble! He is very obedient and is a good example to our family. He is excited to be baptized and become a scout.

We love you Max! We have been so blessed to have you for a Son!

Happy 8th Birthday!