Thursday, May 17, 2007

Weekend at Moab

We had a lot of fun with the Miller's in Moab.

We went on some of the prettiest rides and we discovered how much fun the Rhino's are. It was the only way to go because we could all ride together. Jason was a great navigator! We would pack us a lunch and a few treats and we were off for the day. The kids had the time of their lives... even Lucy! She might have loved it the most!

Other Highlights of the trips include:

Having the whole Hotel pool to ourselves and swimming every day.

Sitting in our lawn chairs on the main drag of Moab at night watching the car show & listening to our kids yell "light em up."

Playing basketball with the kids while Jason and Max showed us up.

Walking to Mcdonalds for a tasty breakfast.

Getting to hold Ellie- Emilee

Sleeping all together in the same room - Abbie

Watching a movie in our room-Max

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Neck Candy

Thank you Jeanie for the cute earrings!!!! To see her amazing talent checkout!
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The Eight Annual Girl's Trip

The long awaited time has finally arrived!!! We are all together again!! Kelly Flew in and we all met up at Gardners Village for dinner and some fun shopping!

Then we headed up to Park City to stay in a fun Condo for the weekend. We have a lot of catching up to do in just a few days so there are some late nights of talking, good food, and being together

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Our last day was spent up at Walsberg with our Dad. Mom made us the most delicious food, shrimp pasta for lunch and BBQ pork sandwich's for dinner. Dad fixed us a warm beautiful fire as we cheered on the Jazz.

We were sooo lucky to have these cute little munchkins with us. They will be so lucky to grow up together!

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Nicole is a trooper dealing with her crazy inlaws. She supplied us with her annual muddy buddy's and hooked us up with the fabulous condo. Thanks Nic!
How did we get so lucky to get the best mom in the world?? She always goes all out with fun activities that she plans for us. She taught us how to make this yummy tropical lip and hand balm. She made us a beautiful flower boquet in the condo and brought up delicious fruit. She always puts together little books for us all and keeps the babies happy!
Kim went all out this year, first sharing some of her amazing weight loss/healthy living secrets.( after loosing 21 lbs we were all ears) then made home made cinnamin rolls and intoduced us to the yummest bread pudding. Thanks for sharing the b-day jason... jamie

Rock Stars!!!!

Jamie always keeps the trip lively!! She colored and cut Kelly's hair and always gives us all some needed fashion tips. She brought her gorgeous beads and made us all the cutest earrings!!

We have missed Kelly so much!! She always makes us laugh with her panicking ways. You should have seen us all in the dressing room trying to fit her for a bra. How was she blessed with the huge family jewels?

Girls Trip to Park City

Foxy Feet!

Our Annual Wrestling Match... Don't mess with Jamie!!!

Sisters by Fate Friends by Choice!!!