Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lucky Max Gets Another Sister!!!

Today was the long awaited day to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. The girls were all hoping for another sister and Max of course has been literally praying for a brother for the past 5 years.

All day I couldn't help but worry about how Max was going to take the news of another girl in our family. I'd have to say that he loves his 3 sisters more than anything in the world. He is such a great brother and considers each of his sisters as his best friends. But he has had his heart set on having a little brother for quite sometime!!! So I tried to make a celebration out of the news to try to soften any disappointments. The kids all ran inside after school yelling "what is it?" And when Max saw the pink balloons the tears came. The girls all jumped up and down cheering and he just crumbled to the ground. I took him in the other room and tried to explain how he must be an extra special brother to come to a home with all girls. And told him that he was put in this family to help take care of all of us girls. I told him how they sent me the very best boy in heaven because they knew that he might be our only boy. After several minutes of talking he wiped off his tears and said "that's okay, Mom." I will still love her.

After dinner and football we made cookies and sat around the table and tried to come up with some names for our new little girl. And of course toasted to another healthy baby!!
Now we are gearing up for more pink, bows, dolls, princess dress-ups, nail polish, ballet shoes and many more dance recitals. And of course a house full of drama. Aren't we lucky?!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Heaven On Earth!!!

Another year at my favorite place, with my favorite people, doing my favorite thing!
Laguna Beach will always be my favorite. The sounds, smells, and every little thing about it brings back such fond memories of my childhood. I love being able to take my own family back there every year for a week of FUN and being together!!
(Check out those good lookin' boys I got to spend a whole week with!! Having Jason and my kids to myself 24 - 7 was the best part of the whole trip!!!!)
You can't beat a week in the sun playing with your cousins!

Emilee and Jenny spent 8 hours a day jumping the waves in the ocean. And this year the waves were mighty big! Way to be brave girls!

Max and Dax could be brothers!

Sand Pizza's and cake taste so good when Lucy is cooking.

I love this girl!!!

We play as long as we can on the beach each day and then hurry and shower to head out for some yummy dinner. This is us waiting for our pizza at our favorite place BJ's.

This is what usually happens at dinner because the kids are so exhausted from playing so hard all day long. They always sleep so good at night.

We love our Grandma Clark so MUCH!! She plays with the kids from sun up to sundown. Teaching them swimming lessons, jumping waves, having sand castle contests, catching crabs, and keeping everyone happy. Anytime someone wants to go to the pool she hops up and willingly takes them.
Where does she get all that energy?

Lucy and Shawn
Loose wanted to be at the pool 24 - 7 and she thought she was a professional swimmer. She would jump in and out of the pool 1 billion times a day. Thank you Jason & Grandma for always being there to catch her so I could sit on the side lines and relax.

Abbs and Katy could swim all by themselves this year!

Why does time have to fly so fast when you're having so much fun?
Until Next Year!

A day with Mickey and Minnie

There is nothing more fun than a day at Disneyland with my kids!
I love to see all the excitement in their eyes.

Lucy wanted to ride the Merry
Go Round 20 times. And she never lost the big grin on her face.

Little Lucy was tall enough to go on most of the rides. It was so fun to finally be able to go on everything together as a family. She LOVED every second of the day and wasn't scared of anything. As you can see we wore her completely out!!

Churro's are always one of the best parts of Disneyland.

A Perfect day is a day spent with the one's you love!!!