Friday, February 25, 2011

Lucy Kim

I love this Child!!!!
Five might be my favorite age. Lucy loves everything about life.
She is the first one awake every morning and immediately gets dressed and empties her laundry basket in her room.
Whatever I am doing she is usually right beside me helping with something. She will change a diaper, vacuum, do laundry, anything I ask. Many mornings while I am getting the other kids out the door for school, she just quietly does the morning dishes without being asked. Yesterday when I got out of the shower she had already made my bed.
Lately she tells me that she wants to be my maid when she grows up. I can't wait! I have always wanted a maid. She says that she hopes we live in a big mansion and she will be my maid everyday. Sounds good to me!
This morning while I was busy doing something I looked out the window and saw her shoveling our steps outside with Jason's work shovel. One less thing I have to worry about. I hope she doesn't grow out of this stage. If only I knew how to freeze her!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Words can not describe the AMAZING week we had in Mexico!!
We can't get over how fun it was to be alone together in Paradise!
One day we ventured out on an excursion to Tulum and Xelha.
We snorkeled, rode bikes through the jungle, went on zip lines, jumped off cliffs and had a fun adventurous day.

The best part of Tulum was when we ditched our tour guide and explored around on our own.

Every night we had the funnest shows at our resort. The Michael Jackson Show was one of our favorite!
The Night of the Circus show they pulled up one member of the audience, and of course it happened to be Jason.
The nights we loved listening to the fun bands outside and dancing. One night we went to a dance club and I made the comment that I didn't' think we really belonged. We were the only two sober and I told Jason that he danced like a dad of 5. Emilee would have been appalled.
And the days we spent relaxing and soaking in the sun.

Jason took us out sailing.

And we had a fun adventure riding bikes into town. Do we look like tourists in our orange vests and helmets?

The fine dining was Unbelievable!
We didn't stop eating the whole time.

I will be honest.... the BEST part of the whole week was spending it alone with him!
It has been WAY to long since we have been just the two of us. And I love him more today then I ever have!!!
This picture sums up our week!
We had the time of our lives and we're already dreaming of going again. The day after we got home I found Jason on the computer trying to find away to book it again.
Thank you Mom & Dad and Teresa and Craig for making it possible for us to go!
We were happy to be back with our kids but they had so much fun being with their grandparents & they are still talking about it!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Valentines is one of my favorite days of the year!
I loving spending a full day thinking about all that I have to love. And believe me, it is a lot!!!
It was a busy day to say the least.
Early Morning Walmart Shopping.
Making Valentines for the kids classes.
Pink Heart Shape Pancakes.
A Valentine Picnic for Lucy and her friends outside in the beautiful sunshine.
A special Love Lunch with my husband.
Making and delivering cookies.
A fun family Valentine Dinner.
Family Night.

Thanks Colett for including Abbie in your Valentine Box Creating.
She will never again have such an adorable box!
She went to school this morning so proud of her master piece!
Max of course Loved his!

Happy Valentines!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Baby turned 2

Oh, this child makes me smile!!! Our life has been happier these last 2 years because of her!
She is loved and very favored by everyone in this house.
Max walks in the house and the first thing he wants to do is find Jayne and play with her. He begs to sleep with her every night.
Abbie adores her and does every little thing she asks. She is Jayne's favorite babysitter and doesn't mind changing her diaper.
Lucy puts up with her hair being pulled just because she loves her little sister so much. She loves to spend her mornings before school playing with her, and is always teaching her something.
Emilee tells me all the time how much she loves Jayne and (sometimes)shares her lip gloss with her. She is also very willing to take Jayne out during Sacrament Meeting. Go figure.
Her Dad loves to sing "Baby Jayne ,Baby Jayne, Baby Jayne, Jayne Jayne" in full speed, and gets her out of nursery when he hears any cry out of her. He will do anything she wants and lets her stay up way past her bed time. She has him wrapped around her little finger to say the least.
Her mom loves having a little buddy around all day long. She loves reading her stories, singing her favorite songs over and over, and the sound of her cute little voice saying "I love you!"
We are SO GLAD she is part of our family!
Jayne is fearless and is a climbing monkey.
She loves to eat yogurt, a spoon full of peanut butter, oreo's, pancakes, hamburgers, coke, and anything that has sugar in it. She is always asking for a "Teet."
She loves animals, singing wheels on the bus, & roaming the counter tops looking for things in the cupboards. She likes to be anywhere her mom is. She also loves lip gloss, riding in the car, Toy Story 3, and her new pillow pet "Pea"
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
May the next 2 Years go much slower.