Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Millions of Moab Memories

Emilee and Annie worked the music in the Condo.

These two never separated. They played basketball, explored, and were the best of buddies like always!

Trying to see who gets to ride the motorcycle first.

I'm so glad Lucy has these two best little friends.

We had to bundle up to keep warm.

Lunch Break

Grandpa Miller always makes sure everyone is happy, safe, and having fun!

This little girl was the highlight of my trip. She always rode with me in the car and on the Rhino's. If you want to brighten your day spend some time with Sophie. She is always so happy and hilarious!

We did a little motorcycle riding.

And the food always tastes so good after a long day of playing.

Abbie never disappoints in a photo.

Lucy on the other hand can pose with the best of them.

Watching the cars light em up!
Taylor let us down this year with his one and only "light em up" skills. I think he was to cold....Next Year!
But our kids made up for it. I don't think anyone in Moab has seen a group quite like ours.

These girls loved playing together each night. Sophie provided the treats and they had the time of their lives in their secret hut. Of course Lucy was always the first one to pass out asleep.

While the kids ran back and forth playing with their cousins we cheered on the Jazz for a victory against Denver!

This is where Jayne is the happiest- right in her Daddy's arms!
Good Times!!!!
Things to Remember:
*Chris pulling out the step stools for Melis to get in Jason's truck.
Lucy Rag Dolling down the big sand hill scaring me to death!
Grandma & Grandpa's yummy breakfasts.
Max and McEwan climbing big scary rocks.
Ice Cream Cones on Main Street.
Melisa's medical problem.
Erin's treats.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls Trip 2010

This year we headed down to Jamie's in Phoenix where we found the sun.
But as you can tell in this picture something was missing..... my little sisters Kelly. She hurt her back and couldn't get on a plane from Chicago. We missed her so much and it definitely wasn't the same without her!

My favorite part of the weekend was seeing these 3 little monkeys. Because they used to live so close to me I feel like they are part mine. It made me sad to see how much they have grown up. I hate having them so far away!
My favorites:
Dax's guessing games.

Watching Grady swim.
Jace in his bumblebee mask.
Dax wanting to sit by me and grandma at the dinner table.
Jace wanting to go with us.
Going to the park and watching Matt make sure the kids were safe.
Dax all ready for school.
Running down the grass hill with Grady.

Jamie was the best hostess!! She took us everywhere, got us the funnest resort to stay at, and was (like always) the life of the party! It was so fun to see their cute house and see their life in Arizona. Matt was a trooper about keeping the kids which needs to rub off at my house a little.

My neighbors are still trying to recover from all the moaning groaning from Jason and having to step in to help. Thank you to all my great friends and mother in law who helped out!!!

And the biggest thank you of all to my Emilee for stepping in and being Mom while I was gone!

We did some shopping. Jamie has the gift to sniff out the deals.

We had some good laughs!
"I was just going to wave."
The lady pulling out her rubber gloves and special sauce for Jamie's pedicure.
Junior High texts.
The mall cop wanting to join in the conversation and massages.

Got a lot of R & R!
One of my main goals of the trip was to get some sun. Jamie completely sabotaged me with the sunscreen. She kept telling me that I was burning and to put more and more on. While she sat there without a drop on turning into a bronzed beauty.

We of course ate very GOOD!

And best of all had so much fun just being together!

Thank you Jamie for:
Doing my hair!
For all the much needed beauty tips...(Another layer of mascara!, Stripes are in, Bangs!!!, Round brush to the opposite side, a full glass of water before a meal, platees moves, no pokadots on toenails.)
For your magic hands!
For making sure we had plenty of sleep- even if you had a nap 3 times a day.
The yummy shrimp burritos and cinnamon rolls.
For being the incredible sister you are and making our weekend such a party!
It is so nice to not worry about laundry, homework, and the hustle and bustle for a few days.
But when I got back I couldn't get off the plane fast enough, not only because I threw up in one of those little airplane bags, but I couldn't wait to get back to my baby and to be back with my favorite people in the world!