Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Twelve Years

Twelve years ago today my life was changed forever!!!!
This beautiful girl has filled it full of such happiness.
She has been my guinea pig as I have blindly been learning how to be a mother, and she has taught me so much along the way.
Twelve Years ago today I held her in my arms and didn't know such a love existed.

She has become everything a mother would hope for in a daughter.

I joke that I could give her her own apartment and a set of keys to a car and she could take care of herself. She sets her own alarm each day and is up before any of the rest of us. She gets herself completely ready, does all of her homework without being asked and gets straight A's. She is an incredible little cook, and does her own laundry a lot of the time. She helps take care of all of her brother and sisters and steps in as a second Mom all the time.

I never knew 12 years could pass so quickly.
Emilee is so excited to be going into Young Women's, Junior High, and is constantly reminding me that she is not a little girl anymore. Last Saturday my Mom, Emilee, and I got to go to the General Young Women's Conference up at the Conference Center and it was so fun to have her there with us.

I never knew that at 12 years old she would almost be as tall as me and would be my best freind.
"Did you get your warm up's on?"

I also didn't know that by the time she was 12 she would already be to old and to cool for:
Crazy Hair Day
Kisses from her Dad
And a birthday lunch date from her Mom.

Twelve years ago today was the happiest day of my life up to that point.
And Emilee has filled if full of happy days and memories ever since!
I love you Emilee!!!
Happy Birthday! May the next 12 years go much slower!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness

Whew! What a busy month it has been!
I love March because there is always a hint of spring in the air. Every time we see the sun come out we head out and try to soak it in.

Jayne is realizing that there is life outside of our house and stands at the door and begs to go play.
I love to listen to her giggle uncontrollably when we push her in the swing.

And then of course the next day looks like this.

This month I registered both Lucy for Kindergarten and Emilee for Jr. High.
Talk about rough on a mom!! This next year will be extra hard on me. During our Jr. High orientation I just had a sick stomach through the whole thing. I literally was having flash backs of just being there. Where does the time go? When I got out to the car I immediately called Jason and lost it.
She of course is so excited about it all and ready to move on.
But then again not so much when it came time for her 7th grade physical and shots.
This is how she felt about her shots.

Lucy on the other hand was all smiles at the doctor. She was ready for those shots, especially if it means that she will get to go to school with her brother and sisters. Can my baby really be this old?

This month we also enjoyed a Monday night at Family Skate night.

I kept reminding Emilee that I had my eye on her. It was fun to see her with all of her friends both boys and girls and see that she is growing up.
Some stranger came and asked her to "snowball" and as they started to skate he tried to hold her hand and she pulled it away and said no. They skated side by side in silence. When he asked her what school she went to and she said Lindon Elementary I think he was in shock.

Lucy and Brooklyn are scootering pro's and love to be together!

This month we have also had some losses.
We have had Emilee's IPOD, our t.v remote control, and our house phone all end up in the toilet and ruined thanks to this little girl.

She loves to pretend to call her Dad and talk to him all day.

And this time of year always means a lot of dance competitions and recitals.
I spent a fun day up in Ogden with just these two cute girls and watched them dance like stars!