Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Proud Parents!

Sometimes you can't help but brag a little about your kids.
Tonight Max got a special award at the Alpine School District Board Meeting for being an
They chose one student from each grade to be recognized and it was our Max.
They told how he was an excellent reader, great mathematician and always trying his best. And of course my favorite part was they talked about him being a great friend to everyone.
Max, we are so proud of you! You are a great kid! I love how you are always trying your best at everything you do! You are a kind, determined, and talented little boy. I don't know where you got your smarts but it must run in the family somewhere! Keep it up!
Of course Max took the whole thing very seriously!

We love you Max!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Late Night Treat

Jason was in the mood for a late night treat and after looking though the house and realizing that there wasn't much there he decided to make himself some yummy cupcakes. (Cherry Chip his favorite!) He was just starting to make the frosting when when my mixer broke. So he took matters into his own hands. (He wasn't going to let anything get in the way of his treat!) He went out in the garage and came back with his drill. I thought he was going to fix the mixer, but nope he was using his drill to finish mixing his master piece. Before long we all had the yummiest cupcakes to enjoy! Thanks Jay!
Why get a new mixer when I've got the Dewalt?

At last!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Not without Him!

I could never make it through these lovely 9 months of being pregnant without the help of Jason! It makes everything better to have a best friend to go through the good and hard times with. I love that I can call him every time I walk out of the doctors office and have someone to talk to. He listens to all of my many daily complaints and has been so good at trying to understand and help in all the areas that I have been lacking.

He has become a pro at doing the dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning the entire house, putting kids to bed, ordering pizza, and he even took down all of our Christmas decorations this year. He does it all while trying to balance his busy work and church responsibilities. (I am hoping that it doesn't end when the baby comes!) And now I know if anything ever happens to me, my kids will be in good hands!! (And there will be no need for a new wife because he will have everything under control himself!)

He also tries hard to not comment about the state of our laundry room and the fact that it can be hard to find clean clothes at times. And of course puts up with my emotions, tears, and craziness.

It is no secret that Jason doesn't like me being pregnant any more than I do. (He claims it is as hard on him as it is on me, and of course I disagree!!) But we equally love having a family and are so excited for another little baby to join our family here soon. Every night over the past several months he has told me "one day closer." Last night he told me that he is now counting down the seconds. Me being pregnant has never been our favorite thing but what a blessing it has been for us over the past 12 years! We have been so lucky to have 4 healthy & incredible little friends to love forever. And we can't wait for another!!

Thank you Jason for all of your help, love, and support you have given me through it all! I will always love you for it!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 2009!!!

This year our kids had a Rockin' Party to Celebrate the New Year. After a little dinner we played some fun games, watched a movie, blew horns, and had a great time! I love you Kids! So glad that I have you to keep life fun! Can't wait for another exciting and happy year together!

Happy Birthday Jamus!

One of my greatest Blessings in my life is having the BEST sisters in the world! I am so lucky to have my little sister Jamie living just blocks away. I love it when she just stops by for a visit and I hear her little boys running in for hugs. She is one of my best friends and is such a great example to me.

Just a few of the many things we love about Jamie!:

1. "She cuts my hair so cute!" - Abbie "Gives the best haircuts." - Max

2. "She lets me sleepover at her house!" -Lucy

3. "She will try anything and do anything." -Jason

4. "She makes me the cutest jewelry!" -Emilee

5. "She is the worlds best mom and is the perfect mom to raise 3 busy and active little boys! She gets down and plays with them, teaches them to be tough, and has three times more patience then I ever do." -Kim

6. "She has magic hands and is always willing to rub my back or feet when in need!" Kim

7. "I love it when she brings over baby Grady and lets me hold him!" -Abbie

8. "She takes me to the park." - Lucy

9. "She is always happy and really nice." -Max

10. "She is feisty and will attack without any notice. Beware of her nose blows!" - Jason

11. "She is the life of every party!" - Kim

12."I like to leg wrestle with her. She is Strong!" - Em

13. "She is a fabulous cook and is always whipping up something yummy to eat. She is extra good at making some gooey chocolate treat and delicious gourmet salads!" - Kim

14. "She knows style and can do the cutest up do's." Emilee

15. "She is always sympathetic about the joys of being pregnant and is always calling to check on me and willing to help me when ever I need it!" - Kim

Happy Birthday Jamie! We sure love you!!