Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adult Mexico Trip 2013

We  had the best week in Mexico with the McSpaddens, the Nelsons & the Taylors!

  These hotties spent HOURS playing volleyball each day.  Us girls were invited to play and joined them at times but Jason rarely let me touch the ball.  When the ball would come directly to me he would somehow dive across the court and get it before I could hit it.  For some reason he didn't trust me.?  I'm pretty sure I am good at volleyball but didn't really get the chance to showcase it:) 

I love how they are all best friends.  It was like watching Max, Jordan, Reed, and Truxton for a full week.

Each night we ate at a different restaurant in the resort.  Jason had a new accent with each one.
We spent our nights playing games, dancing, and hopping restaurants for different desserts.  I kicked butt at the game "My".  Darin taught us all how to play cards, and Jason of course shared all of his magic tricks.  Each night Jason would review the agenda for the next day and take a group poll about something.

We attempted to go to church on Sunday but found out that it was Stake Conference somewhere else.  So we enjoyed our day in town.

Jason and Darin rocking their twinner shorts.
Downtown Cancun at the fleece markets.
The highlight of the trip for the guys was Casino Night.  They loved playing poker even though it was fake money.  I'm pretty sure if it had been real money, we would be living there permanently now with all the millions they won.

The boys made a new BBF named Zorro.

There was some AMAZING dancing going on each night.  Ray and Heather breaking out their Gangnam Style moves.

I think we had a beverage in hand the whole week. 
Oh How I LOVE Him!!!!

Ray had the ROYAL treatment all week from Elisa.  She spent her whole week making sure that his every need was met

The Top Gun boys had nothing on these two!

Dan and Patricia showing everybody on the dance floor how it is done!!!
A little Limbo

Elisa spent her whole week rummaging through this bag.  We still don't know what she was looking for:)

Target Practice.  I'm pretty sure the Utah Couple beat the professional shooters from Idaho!

Jason and I SMOKED the poolside competition game!!

Thanks everyone for making the week so much fun! 
And a BIG THANK YOU to my mom and Dad & Lewis and Muriel for watching our kids!!!!!
I'm Ready to Go BACK!!

Other Highlights:
 *Being told that Jason and I were voted cutest/best dancing couple by some complete strangers, followed by the comment that it was mainly because of Jason.  The girls voted for  him.
*Ray and Elisa insisting on getting a Big Mac with MUCHO Onions.
*Jason getting pulled over by the police for running a red light.  "No Gracias!"
*Ray's Flambayed dessert.
*My experience with the Habjanaro sauce.  Holy crap!!
*Elisa and then all the Boys getting on stage to preform some amazing dancing during the Mariachi Night.
*It being mostly a party of 6 with an occasional 8:)  Ray and Elisa were always MIA.
*Heather, Patricia and I shaking it at Zumba
*The Nelson's always getting their cross fit in before breakfast.
*Competitions in the pool.
*Waking up at the break of dawn to save spots by the pool.  Switching spots with people and ticking everyone off just in time to head to the beach.
* Elisa always had plenty of drinks ordered for us all to last us throughout the day.
*Playing in the waves, the white fish, Ray losing his expensive glasses 3 times, and our attempt to boogie board.  Jason broke his board in minutes.
*Elisa's playlist
*The Nelson's staying in Platinum miles away and hiking in everyday.
*Heather and I getting ripped off by the car rental people.
*Jason insisting on Sushi before the Mexican Restaurant.
*Jason trying to convert the Volleyball girls over.
*The CRAZY lines going through Customs in Texas and running full blast through the airport and just BARELY making the plane home.