Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good Old Family Bonding

WARNING: This post has a kazillion pictures. I want them all for my family book. :)

All I wanted for Spring Break this year was my family all to myself.....time away from work, school, activities, and friends. I didn't care where we went as long as we were ALL together. We ended up in Vegas and even though the weather wasn't as warm as we hoped, we had the BEST time and it was exactly what I needed.

* Movies & treats in the Car

* Painting nails & doing hair in the room

*Jayne's Miraculous curing of her earache

* Jason picking up Emilee and "helping" her into the pool

* Emilee rationing out the suntan oil and not letting anyone put on their own.

* Lunch around the pool.

* Running into Kesley and Julie

*Lucy doing my makeup.

* Jayne INSISTING on pushing the elevator buttons every time, heaven forbid you might forget.

* Riding the millions of escalators with her.

* Cookies and milk in the room at night.

* Jason getting the mac daddy room.

* Lucy being the cleaning fairy every morning.

* Seeing Mirror Mirror and the 3 Stooges

* The fun park at Town Center. Jason and Emilee (the twins)eating cookies while the kids played.

* My lucky slot machine and lucky # 9. (I was feeling the vibe so I stuck in $1, and won $125 with the first pull and then headed straight to the cashier:)

* Stopping for Jayne's bathroom breaks every 2 minutes. We know where every bathroom is in Las Vegas.

* Max being protected by his 4 sisters as we walked down the strip. "Max don't look up, or to the left, close your eyes right now"... etc

* Abbie saying "This place is just like a slap in the face to Jesus after all he did for us."

* The kids riding the roller coaster at New York New York while I played the arcade games with Lucy and Jayne.

*Panda Express in the room and watching the Help.

* The Belagio hookup to the honeymoon suite at their buffet.

*Jason bringing us donuts for breakfast.

* Max making a hoop for the room to get his Jimmer drills in.

*Jayne saying "I Love Vegas! over and over.

*Max finally making it to the Nike outlet.

*Listening to the kids penny wishes

*Abbie wanting to give all of her money to the beggars.

* Lucy wanting to go back to our room because the smoke "hurt" her tummy.

*Swim races, wrestling wars, doing back flips, running to the hot tub every 2 seconds...

* Being all together!!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My First Born...

Is obiviously beautiful, incredibly smart, very independent, stubborn as can be, and making me feel old. We celebrated her 14th Birthday this weekend and I hope she felt the love.
The only way I got this cute picture of her smiling with her braces showing was by begging and begging and threating her. I may have even told her that I wouldn't post it. But sometimes you do what ya gotta do. I haven't seen her big cheesy smile for months now and I have missed it. :)

Emilee and her BBF Maddie.

Her friends came over for dinner and then they all got ready to head off to a big party at Jared's.

Max and his buddies thought they would join in, after all they would never miss out out on food!!

I am glad that Emilee has great friends. After all they are the MOST important thing to her.

Emilee's Latest....

*She can text like nobody's business! I'm pretty sure she could beat any world record.

*She keeps our family up on all the latest and greatest music. When she is in the house there is always music blasting. (And she has a beautiful voice and doesn't miss a word.)

* She still manages to pull off her 4. 0 with her very busy social life, facebooking, texting, and while keeping her earphones in while she does her homework. Let's just hope in continues.

* She is now officially taller than me. But not stronger of course.

* She wants to do what is right.

* She could seriously give Betty Crocker a run for her money.

* She teaches us new sayings like..."Pretty much, ish, like what?,"

* She still tells her mom everything, even when it puts me over the edge and gets my blood boiling.

* She has transitioned from waking up at the break of dawn to curl her hair perfect to rolling out of bed 20 minutes before school and pulling her up in a bun and wanting to wear sweats to school.


I hope 14 is your lucky year. xoxo