Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holiday Weekend

This is what I love this Valentines!
Because Valentines was on Sunday this year Jason was at early morning meetings.
We started off the morning with pink Valentine pancakes and rushed around the house as fast as we could to get to church. Max had a sore knee and a sore throat so he enjoyed the morning at home by himself. When I came home to check on him, he was walking around perfectly and he told me that he had prayed and his knee was all better. ??

She will forever be my sweet Valentine Girl!

Because of the double holiday, Monday, we loaded into Jason's truck and headed up to the cabin to play in the snow.

Lucy is kind of a fair weather girl. She mostly likes to ride on the Rhino with her Dad. But the times that she would get out and sled she would get up and yell "that was totally wicked!"

Jayne loved being outside and even did a little sledding with her sisters and mom.

I think Abbie had the most fun! She just kept going and going and has no fear!

These two brought up their snowboards. They would have their dad take them to the top of the hills and they'd make their way back down.

Emilee spent most of the time like this. She was our entertainment for the day because she would always end up on her face with her legs cranked back yelling for help. Instead of helping I would just snap pictures of her and watch her laugh.

Max on the other hand refered to himself as Shawn White and was all about the jumps and getting air. He never ceases to amaze me that he can do everything he tries.

These two girls love anytime they they are together.
You should see their awesome handshake. "Word!"
Lucy missed most of the playing because she spent the afternoon catching up on some much needed sleep.

We had a big train of sleds that Jason pulled behind us.

Me and my Valentine
Jason, thanks for taking the day off and playing with us!
I love you!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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My Baby

A day I haven't wanted to come. I have been trying my best to hold onto having a baby but she just keeps growing. She has made this past year the best for our whole family. She is adored by everyone and makes our home so HAPPY!

She is so busy making messes and climbing up everything. She is the happiest when she is on top of the kitchen table. She loves to run back and forth just stopping before she goes over. I feel like I can't get anything done because if I turn my head she is back on the table.

Her favorite things are:
Chocolate anything
Her Dad
Playing in the toilet
Riding in the Car
The Tub &
Being Held

On her birthday she wasn't feeling very good. She is getting a mouth full of teeth and had a cold and a fever. She wasn't really into eating her cake and just wanted to be held.

The kids really wanted to watch her eat it and with a little convincing she took a few little tastes. I have a feeling if I had made it in chocolate it would have been a little more tempting. The kids were so excited about her birthday and kept asking all day what we were going to do for her big party.

This was Jayne's favorite gift. She loves her doggy.
Happy Birthday Jaynie! We sure love you!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Chinese Warrior

Happy Chinese New Year!