Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010 in Glance

It was a Merry Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Night before Christmas....

We had a Super Duper Christmas Eve!
We started off the day having a yummy breakfast at my Grandma Bowden's. It was fun to see her so happy with all of her family around.
Then Jason and I did our last minute scrambling. Jason loves to leave a little shopping until the last day.
Then we went Ice Skating with the Clark's.
We pretty much had the whole rink to ourselves and we loved it.

This little girl sat on the sidelines with me and her Grandpa and ate suckers.
She screamed every time I stepped on to the ice to skate.
Eventually we just took her out in her shoes and let her run around.

Grandma Clark was a trooper and skated with all the kids.

These two were skating partners. Lucy was amazing for her first time.
She didn't even complain about the huge blisters she had on her feet until the very end.

Once she got a walker she could cruise all by herself.

Then we headed over to Bret and Nicole's for the yummiest dinner.

Jenny, is your tooth okay after your braces were stuck in Max's head?
Emilee, Christmas Eve is not a good night to try WWF.

Sporting their cute hats from Grandma.

Thank You Clarks! We love spending the Holidays with you!!!!

Then we opened our Christmas pj's from our Grandma and Grandpa Miller.
The kids LOVE this tradition!
Then we headed for home and had our own little Christmas story around the tree with the kids.
Each kid got to open up one present. (All except for Max, he opted to wait until the morning.)
And then we hurried to bed and tried the best we could to sleep.

Temple Square

I always love to go and see the beautiful lights up at Temple Square.
We watched Mr. Kruger's Christmas and spent a fun Christmasy night together.

The Salt Lake Temple will always be my favorite. After all, it is where I married my handsome husband and became Mrs. Jason Miller.
And because of this beautiful temple, I get to spend forever with my 6 favorite people!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Polar Express

As each year passes, I am more and more grateful to have little one's to keep the magic of Christmas alive!
The Polar Express ride to the North Pole is one of our highlights of the year.
Jayne is still saying "A choo choo, Ho Ho!"
And we were shocked that she jumped right up on his lap with a smile.
The beautiful pictures of Christ always brings the spirit of Christmas!

" I wanna cell phone and some clothes."

"I want a Kellen Moore jersey."

"I wanna keyboard."

"I want an American doll baby."

"A baby, A baba"

I love this time of year!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

This Thanksgiving...

I have SO MUCH to be Thankful for!!!!
I was especially thankful that my little Sister Jamie was here to spend the Holiday with!!!
There is no one in this world like her and when she is around life is just better! She makes everyone around her happy and brings spunk to our family. It has felt so good to be with her!
I am so Thankful for these two!!!
They are always so good to have us up to there house and they make every holiday so much fun.
We can always count on having the yummiest food and they are so good to our kids.
One of my greatest blessings of my life was being raised in their home with their great examples!

I am so Thankful to have Jason as my very best friend!
I am Thankful for good kids and that they all have their cousins as their best friends!
They always love to go to Grandma's because they all have so much fun with their cousins.

Lucy has been counting down the days until Dax and Jace would be here.
She has told every neighbor, friend, and teacher 100 times each that her best buddies were coming from Arizona.

I am Thankful for the delicious food we ate all day long.
We had the yummiest Thanksgiving Feast at Grandma and Grandpa Miller's this year. Craig woke up at 4:30 cook the most delicious turkey you have ever tasted. All the food was delicious, especially the Chocolate Sundae Pie (of course) and Muriel's s'more pie. To bad I didn't have my camera with me to capture it all. But I am very grateful for the greatest in-laws in the world. They have always treated me like I was one of them, and are always so good to me and our family!
I am grateful that we live close to both of our families and that we get to spend the holiday's with both of them!
We spent Thanksgiving night up at Wallsburg. Which meant more food! Emilee couldn't pass up her Grandpa's famous mashed potatoes and gravy.
And Jenny made the yummiest homemade apple pie.
And yes, I ate them all!

I am SO very thankful that I get to spend my days with this cute little pumpkin.
A day never goes by that I am not SO thankful that I get to be a stay home mom and be with my kids from morning to night.

I am Thankful to have the greatest brothers and sisters in the world!
I am so glad that we were all so close in age growing up and that we got to go to school together, share rooms, and grow up as best friends. I am grateful that we are still close, even if my sisters do live to far away. At least I have my two great brothers to keep me laughing and our family gatherings exciting.
I am so thankful for my amazing sister Kelly, who I miss so much! It has been way to long since I have seen her and her family. But every time we talk on the phone, she brightens my whole week. I always feel like we have so much in common and that she understands every thing I am going through each day. It has been the best to go through every stage of life with her. Whether she is in Florida or Chicago, I feel close to her every time I hear her voice.

I am Thankful for the the fun memories I have of playing this fun penny flip game as a kid.
And I am pretty sure I rocked at it.

And I am Thankful that Matt C. and Jamie were willing to set off the fireworks outside for the kids entertainment even if it was -4 degrees.
The rest of us really enjoyed watching them from inside the house by the warm fire. Jayne is still talking about it along with Grandpa's stunt of putting the ball in his ear.

I am Thankful to be in a family of so many cute girls.
And a talented Sister and Mother who can whip up head bands for us all like they are nothing but a thing.
And last but not least, I am Thankful to have the GREATEST family in the world!
Nothing makes me happier than spending each day with these 6 people. I love being a mom, a wife, and learning and growing each day as we get to experience all the excitement that life brings to our family. I am grateful to be a Miller and am so glad that we will get to spend FOREVER together as a family!

Happy Thanksgiving!