Friday, August 28, 2009


Lucy is back in prechool.

And when she is not in school we have a lot of quality one on one time.
A lot of her little buddies started Kindergarten this year so she is always wanting mom to keep her entertained. This is the crown we painted today.

Besides school starting this is our other latest.
It is what consumes most of our time right now.... and we LOVE it!

Last Saturday was our Season opener and our first Victory.
Go Vikings!!!

These two completely worn out after enduring
the HEAT of their first game.
Love You Both!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Our new puppy

This is Dodger. One Saturday morning Emilee went to breakfast with our neighbors while we were out running errands. When we got home Emilee was sitting on the front porch with her new little puppy. The one and only Ray thought that Emilee needed a dog. So after breakfast he bought her this cute little puppy, a dog bowl and food, a little dog carrier, a leash, and even a few toys for him. When Jason and I pulled up we knew we had a problem. All of the kids jumped out screaming with excitement. They have always wanted a dog and now they finally had one. Immediately Jason and I tried to talk to them about how we didn't have a yard for him and that we weren't ready to take on this big responsibility right now. But they kept explaining that it was too late. They had already bought him and they couldn't give him back. They all promised to take care of him. It didn't take long for me to soften up. One look at him and I was in love. He was the cutest puppy ever and so mellow and perfect. But Jason was the rational one. He kept reminding me that we have our hands pretty full right now without the responsibility of another. The kids played all day long with him as we tried to figure out what to do. We both couldn't face telling the kids no but couldn't face all that a new puppy entails either. Later that night we walked outside and found this. Max laid on the grass by him all day long and wasn't budging. As we told him that we would have to give the dog back, he was devastated!! He kept telling us that Dodger was the brother that he's never had. Talk about a guilt trip and it definitely worked. We felt horrible. After taking him back to the Taylor's that night we kept worrying about our decision all night. The next morning they brought Dodger back for us to reconsider. And the drama started all over. Again Jason stuck to his decision and sent the dog back. Sunday Jason spent the day trying to find a new home for the cute little pup. Thankfully the McSpadden's are nicer parents than us and gave Dodger a permanent home. And Max's new brother is happy and somewhere our kids can visit any time they want. Maybe someday soon when our life isn't so crazy...(if that is possible) we can get a dog for longer than one day.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back at It!

I can't remember a summer ever going so fast. I was just posting about the last day of school. This morning I could feel the excitement of a new year in the air and now the neighborhood feels so quiet.
Yesterday we tried to savor every last second we could of freedom. We started off our morning at Daylight Donuts for breakfast, got all of the kids school supplies and back packs all packed and ready to go, spent the afternoon soaking in the sun at the pool, had a fun night watching Max's football scrimmage, ate waffles with peaches and cream for dinner, had our back to school family night with fathers blessings to help us all start out the year right, and then we finished off the night with yummy homemade carmel apples.
To Another Happy Year!!
I'm so glad they have each other. This is Emilee's last year to go to school with her brother and sister.
Emilee is in Mr. Walkers 6th grade class and she thinks she is ready to Rule the School.

Max is a big 3rd Grader in Miss Mather's class.

And my sweet Abbie is headed off to Mrs. Bohrers 2nd grade class already.

My kids hate the fact that I bring my camera to school. Em and Max got out of the car and were off. They were ready to find all of their buddies. Abbie is the only one who let me walk her to class today and was still telling me not to take any pictures. Too bad!

I can't wait to hear how everything went. I love you three!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday Shout Out

Happy Birthday Bret!!!!
Since you always reminded me often while we were growing up that you were OLDER than me..... a year a month, and 14 days older.
Today I wanted to remind you that I am YOUNGER than you... a year a month and 14 days YOUNGER and always will be!
A few of the many things we love:
I love about Bret when he do's funny Jokes - Lucy
I love about Bret when he says "No, this is not your house." -Lucy
I love having party's at his house - Lucy
I loved it when he took me Ice Blocking on the "cube"- Max
He is a great Chef!!! I love his Veggie Kabobs and his smoking skills!!!
He's Funny!!!!!! - Max and Abbie
I love the poses he can strike!
He bought us pizza at his house and took us to the park - Abbie
He buys Tyler lots of Cheese for his birthday- Max
He always takes us to do fun stuff and always says yes to us having sleep overs. - Em
Some Favorite Memories:
*The haunted houses he'd build just to get me on the scale to see how much I weighed.
*Our car rides to school... the smell of Cologne, going 150 mph, the early morning stop off's at the Seve to buy a pack of gum each morning while I am in a pure panic about being tardy,and then our daily drive up to Oak Hills after school for a "special" drop off. And it may of taken an hour or two but we couldn't comment or complain because we valued our lives.
*Our Math class together and our private tutoring sessions with the famous Katy B.
*Our road trip to Laguna in the Jeep & listening to the Black Crows, Guns and Roses and Billy Joel.
*The hours I spent in the bathroom with the drawers pulled out waiting for mom and dad to get home and rescue me & planning to eat the toothpaste if I got to hungry.
*Watching him tie Kelly and Perk up to the mail box and hose them down.
*Knowing that I had a big brother at school with me in case I needed something. And you knowing that I could sign Mom's name pretty darn close in case you needed something.
Happy Birthday Bret! I have always felt lucky to have you for a big brother. I love you!