Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lake Powell Scrapbook 2012

 Another Fabulous Trip to Lake Powell with some of our favorite neighbors...the Nelsons, McSpaddens, & the Taylors.  The kids got a whole week to play from sun up to sun down with their BFF's!

 And of course the adults  managed to have a little bit of fun too! 

 There was plenty of tubing, knee boarding, skiing, wake boarding, and playing for everyone!

 One of the highlights was the FUN cliff jumping. 
Here are all four of my kids jumping, Max, Em, Abbie and even my little Lucy was so brave!

 We always looked forward to our lunch stops for shade, yummy food, and some good talking.
 Mr Dulsaki took full advantage of his intercom system. 
"I don't always drink water....but when I do I drink Perrier!" 

    And when you get these 2 together they never stop laughing!

 I think the all around favorite part of the trip was our beach afternoon.  The kids loved playing in the sand, making diapers with their life jackets, cave swimming, shell collecting, and a  friendly (competitive) football game! 

 This little girl might have liked the week the very most!  She was right in the middle of all the action until she would finally pass out.

We always count on Ray to find us a good spot and tie all of our boats off.

 And of course it wouldn't be a true Lake Powell trip without a stop to Dangling Rope for a rootbeer float.

 The kids love to feed the fish, especially Jayne!  Dillon was the only thing that kept her from falling in with them.

 Thank heavens Heather brought her Gold Bond for all of the life jacket rashes!

 Guys and their maps:)

 My amazingly hot and talented water skiing hubby!

My favorite part of each day was the boat race ride back each night with the calm water and the beautiful skies! 

Each time I go to Lake Powell I am amazed by it's incredible beauty!  It was the BEST week, and we will just have to dream about it until next summer. 

Other Memories:
* Dinner at the BBQ joint, where the kids danced and had the time of their lives.
* Dans new tires in Beaver and lunch at the Mexican Joint.
* Watching the Olympics in the room.
* The long breakfast line every morning and Jason getting invaded by the foreigners while making waffles.
* Jason losing his sun glasses.
* Our trips theme song "Whistle"
* Austin breaking his ear drum.
* Ray's boat breaking down in the exact same spot as last year, but he put his mechanic skilz into use and fixed it!
* Meeting up with Frazier and Ray opening up the restaurants garage door and seating themselves.
* Jason going back for round 2 at the burger joint.
* Jayne and her noodles.
* Max doing a flip off the cliffs and scaring me to death.
* Our daily stops to subway and Safeway to load up on food.
* The adventurous ride home Saturday night as the wind picked up.
* McSpaddens blowing a tire on the way home.
* The stranger hopping in our picture in Beaver.
* Date nights with the adults:)