Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Clark Halloween Party

This year we had our Annual Clark Halloween Party up at Wallsberg. It was extra fun because we had the Heaps back in town and the Thompsons came on their way to their big move to Florida.

Jamie was not impressesd with our costumes. She didn't think we were "dressed up" enough.

Shrek & Doneky... looking good!

Posted by PicasaOkay, so maybe Matt & Jamie did have the best costumes.

Mom & Dad were good sports and dressed up for the occasion.

This was Lucy's reaction everytime she looked at Grandpa.

James & Millie

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We had a yummy dinner and a lot of good conversation!

The Games Began

Aunt Jamie went all out with this fun game.

The kids anxiously awaiting the awards.

Posted by PicasaNicole's donut game was a hit!!

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Two Little Pirates!

Jared the Subway Guy was my pick for the best costume!

Spidey Power!

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My kids had the best night with their best friends... their cousins!

My best family!

The boys missed a lot of the fun games and activities. Guess what they were doing?
Hint: it was Monday night.
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

First Snow

We said goodbye to Football today. What a fun season! Max played his heart out and learned so much. It has been such a great thing for Max and his Dad to do together everyday for the past several months... some great father & son bonding.

The weather was sooooo COLD today that I couldn't sit through another football game after we finished up with Max. Call me a fair weather fan but i'm still trying to get warm from this morning. So Jason and Darrin went to the cougar game together. The weather didn't seem to bother them. Me and the kids spent the night up at the McSpadden's, waiting for the boys. We ordered pizza and let the kids play. As you can see we got our first real snow storm today. The kids had so much fun running around outside enjoying the beautiful fresh snow. Emilee, Ashley and Dillon even tried to do a little sledding. Thank you McSpadden's for the fun house, snow gear, pizza, and fabulous night!! It is so nice to have kids all the same ages. Everyone has a great little buddy to play with.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm a lucky mom!

As you can see I have had some busy kids decorating my house for Halloween. Max and Abbie are so talented! Everytime I am in my kitchen now I can't help but smile.
Last night while we were all sitting around the table for dinner I had this overwhelming feeling of how lucky I am to have a family. Our life has been so rush rush lately that it has been hard for us to all be at the dinner table together at the same time. I am ready for our life to calm back down so we can have time to talk together each night at the dinner table.
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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Thursday morning, we loaded the Tahoe, hooked onto the boat and off we set for a little UEA fun. The original plan was to spend the weekend in St. George. But as we started down the road we decided to change our plans. When I married Jason a learned the meaning of "fly by the seat of your pants". He likes to go with the flow and doesn't like set plans. We had a hotel room in St. George reserved but as we drove we decided to head to Lake Powell instead. I spent some serious time calling around in Page trying to find us a room there. Of course everything was pretty much booked up. After several calls, we found us a room and headed to Wahweep. When we arrived, we headed straight for the Lake. We went in the bathrooms there, changed into our swimsuits, and headed down the boat ramp.

As you know there is nothing Jason loves more than boating, and he has been dying to get to Lake Powell all summer. It has been over 5 years since we have been to Lake Powell so he was very anxious!! The sun was shinning and the water was perfect. We headed down the channel and found us a nice little cove to play at. The kids began to jump in and swim and I knew Jason was dying to get wake boarding. So I offered to pull him first since the water was glass. He jumped in, got up, and started showing us his skills. With a big smile on his face he was so happy to finally be at Lake Powell!!! Everything was perfect until.....

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