Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It has become a Miller tradition to go to Lagoon over fall break. And as you can see it was as fun and beautiful as ever!

These two were buddies the whole day.

This is my favorite picture! Max and Abbie could have been twins. They love each other and are only a year apart in school. I hope they always stay close and best friends.

We ran into the Yarros which made my girls SO happy!

I love this time of year and I love this family!

Abbie Gwen

Decided to play Volleyball this year, and of course loves it. I love watching her play sports because there is always a sparkle in her eye. She loves everything she tries and it seems to come easy.

Her Grandpa and Grandma came to support her, but of couse Grandpa wouldn't cooperate with the camera. Anytime I try to take his picture I get some sort of version of this.

I can tell we are going to have many fun years of watching this girl shine! I love you Abs!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Perfect Weekend

I celebrated another birthday and felt the LOVE!
My kids went out of their way all day to make sure I had the best birthday ever, and I did!

The morning of my birthday I woke up to this.

Abbie and Lucy wrapped up some of my favorite things around the house and regifted them to me. Max was bothered that they weren't "real" presents, but honestly they were some of my favorite gifts I have ever recieved.

Some of them included, pictures of me and the kids, old perfume, stickers, plastic flowers, a temple hankerchief, a cross stitched pillow, etc.

This girl headed up all of great birthday suprises, including waking up early to make sure I had breakfast and cleaning the kitchen the night before. I love her!!
I spent my Saturday watching my favorite boy play in his football game. And I honestly couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday.

And best of all it was Conference Weekend! Which meant no meetings, staying in our pj's all day as a family, and listening to the great council of our Prophet and our other church leaders.

In between sessions we rode up to Bridal Viel Falls and Sundance to see the beautiful fall leaves. The weather was absolutely perfect and the mountains are so BEAUTIFUL right now!

That night we had a fun dinner up at my parents with my two brothers. The grand finale was Nicole's delicious apple pie and carmeled apples. It was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend.
Thank you everyone that made my birthday so great!