Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flaming Gorge 2010

Things to Remember:
* All of my kids on the tube at one time.
* Our nights together in our tent telling stories.
* Jason and Max's late night swims
*Jayne scaling the boat in 5 second flat and sitting right on top of the cover.
*Lucy's explaining the signal for "medium" speed over and over.
*Abbie being a trooper about her ear ache.
*Emilee telling us that she needs to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes so she can take the scooter.
*Ice Cream at the store.
*Smores and homemade ice cream around the campfire
*Being packed in Jason's truck like sardines on the ride there.
*Jayne didn't eat one thing except for oreos and coke.
* Lucy being so worried about showing her friends at home her hair and not wanting to get it wet. (Thanks Melisa!)
* Watching my kids knee board in pairs.
*Jason as the Su Chef and Em as his prep cook.
* Having everyone dressed for bed like it was December. And of course everyone complained about how hot they were and were taking off layers.
*Having Jason away from work and the kids all to ourselves!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Happy Birthday Max!
We thank our lucky stars everyday for you!
You teach us all by your example how to be...
non judgemental
happy &
I learn more from watching you in one day than I have learned in a lifetime.
I love how you always tell me thank you for every little thing I do for you.
I love how you are kind to your sisters in every situation.
I love how you give your best at everything you do.
You have a heart of gold and I feel so privileged to be your mom!!!
I love you!!!


My baby turned 5!!
All she wanted for her birthday was her ears pierced.
Her dad tried to talk her out of it but she was determined.


We love that you know every word to every song.
We love that you have more courage then the rest of us combined...
You aren't afraid of anything or anyone.
You are the best duster and vacuumer around.
You color like a professional
and your giggle is contagious!
You make our life so HAPPY!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!
(Please don't start kindergarten!)

The Grand Parade

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Girls Turn

These two CUTE girls decided to celebrate their birthdays together.

We had quite a crew!
And I'll be honest... it was quite a different group then the night before.
A little less wild but whoa... I have never heard so many
"She put her blanket in my spot" &
"She isn't playing with me"&
"I don't want her to sit so close to me"&
"She hurt my feelings."
You gotta love GIRLS!!! After all I have a whole house of them.

The party coordinator had things under control.
Of course she had some dancing going on...

And then Jason came out and started to bust out his moves...
I'm sure they have never seen dancing quite like that!

I'm so glad these two girls have each other!!!!

Happy Birthday Girls!! We LOVE you!!!