Thursday, May 27, 2010

Field Day

Field Day is one of our favorite days of the year.

After all we are Millers and we are just a bit competitive.

This being Emilee's last year she decided that it was her year to WIN!

She has been preparing and training for months now for the big mile marathon.

She is fast as lightening and was READY!

The morning of she woke up early and was ready to compete. I must of heard her say 20 times I have got to win! I know I can do it.

So this picture is her lined up with her friends ready for the whistle to blow.

There are millions of kids lined up in one spot. All the 4th - 6th Graders race against each other at the same time. So when the whistle blows it is chaotic to say the least.

Just seconds off the starting line Jason and I see Emilee fall down hard. I couldn't even believe it! In that moment I knew the devastation that was going to follow. She stood up with tears in her eyes and bloody knees, not knowing quite what to do. She started walking over to us but there were still millions of kids trying to run by and she couldn't' really get to us. Her Dad yelled "It's okay Emilee you can still do it." She hesitated for just a second seeing everyone way in front of her and then took off. I started to cry feeling so bad -knowing how much this meant to her.

She ran her little heart out- bruised and scraped and way behind.

But she gave it her best and ended up coming in 5th place out of all the girls.

She was hurting and so disappointed.

But I was so PROUD of her! She didn't give up. It didn't turn out the way she had hoped but she did her best and gave it everything she had.

After the race, when I saw how bad her knees and hands really were and I couldn't believe she had finished.

Jason had to take her to the Insta Care where she had to get 5 stitches.

She was so brave! The only thing she was worried about was missing out on the rest of the races and activities. She just kept saying..."I can't miss my relays!"

After she was cleaned up and stitched she headed back for the rest of the field day fun.

I love you Emilee!

You truly are a real WINNER to me!

Her cute teacher snuck her a medal anyway and told her that he knew she would of won a medal anyway and that she deserved it.

Then it was the K-3rd Grade Race.

Max being the oldest in his group this year was determined that it was his year to WIN.
Last year he took a 3rd place medal and this year he had his mind set on 1st.

This is him just about to cross the finish line.

The girl in front of him just popped out of the crowd and joined the race in the last minute.

But don't worry he still wasn't going to let her cross first. He put on his wheels and zoomed in first place. The other man next to him is the principal.

Way to Go MAX!!!

I love your determination!!!!

Abbie and Max were in the same race.

Abbie is the one that always reminds us that the race is just for fun!

She did have fun and ran her best!

She got a ribbon for being one of the first (of ? so many) girls finished.

Abbie you are AWESOME and were definately the cutest runner there!

After the marathon they have fun class activities and day full of FUN!

Abbie made sure she spent every single last penny that I have her on treats.

She didn't just buy one snow cone...she needed one for each hand.

Right after the Marathon we raced over to Lucy's preschool Graduation.

She was ready for her turn!

She sang her little heart out and told us that when she grows up she wants to be a skater.

We were so glad we had Brooklyn to go to school this year with!

And we were lucky enough to have Grandma there with us for all the excitement of the day! Thanks Mom for chasing and wrastling Jayne ALL day!

After Lucy's Graduation we hurried back to watch Emilee run her relays.

She ran on two different relay teams.

An All Girl Team and a Coed Team.

As you can see she was AWESOME even wounded!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let the Festivities Begin!

Yesterday started the beginning of the end...
I spent the entire day down at the kids school watching all of their fun year end activities.
My baby graduated from Elementary school and is ready for bigger and better things. Doesn't she look grown up?

Some of her very best friends are the neighbor boys.

At the awards assembly Emilee got "Most Athletic Girl"

Emilee has always claimed that she isn't athletic but this year we have been finding that isn't the case! Have you seen her play soccer or run a sprint?

Emilee has been lucky to have such great friends. She has loved 6th grade and has had some great teachers who have taught her a lot.
We are so proud of you Emilee! You have worked so hard this year and are such an incredible girl! We LOVE you and feel so lucky to have you for a daughter!

The next special event yesterday was Max's talent show.
Because we aren't a musical family (at least that we know of yet) he did what he does best...
showed off his unbelievable ball handling skills! He was called up very first and got up there as brave as can be. I wish I had better pictures to really showcase his great talent.

You will have to use your imagination for the rest.

Darrin Williams or the Harlem Globe Trotters have Nothing over this kid!!

Good Work Buddy! I was impressed.
Then he also helped a couple of buddies with their talents and threw the football with them and did a cute skit.

He got the "Best Team Leader" award at the Awards Assembly.
(If you are wondering why is wearing a beanie and coat at the end of May....well we woke up to a complete blizzard today and he was prepared. I am praying that it is the last!)
Lucy was a good sport watching all of her big brother and sisters!
And it helps to always have a friend.

This little girl on the other hand was NAUGHTY with a capital N!!
She caused more havoc in one day than I thought possible.
It didn't help that she was exhausted and wanted her crib. She kept running over to the stage during graduation and ended up in the middle of Max's talent show and Abbie's Play kicking and screaming.
I guess that is what happens when you are the baby of 5. Naps just don't exist.

And then it was Abbie's turn.
We got to watch Abbie's cute play in her class. She was the cutest little cowgirl I had ever seen! She even said her memorized lines with a western twang. Her face just beamed when she saw Jason and I walk in and smiled from ear to ear the whole time. Abbie you were amazing! I am just hoping that nobody in Hollywood was there watching -because they would be all over that talent.
Abbie also got the "Best Attitude" Award this year.

I love you kids and I am excited for the fun summer ahead!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

Mother's Day is my favorite day of the year!
There is nothing better than special treament with ... extra I love you's and kisses, cards, and special homemade gifts from my kids.
This year I got to go with my Lucy to Mom and Muffin day at preschool and I couldn't have felt any luckier. She is the CUTEST preschooler I have ever seen!!!
Sunday Morning I woke up to the smell of yummy cinnamon rolls being baked by Jason and the sound of the vacuum going and dishes being done.
Emilee helped to get the girls ready for church and I had cards and letters set out on the table.
Then after an awesome day at church, we headed up the Canyon for some family time.
The weather was beautiful and I was with my very favorite people.
It was at the top of my favorite days and one I will never forget!

They are the reason that my life is soo good!!

"A Mother holds a child's hand for a while...their hearts forever."

"Want your kids to hear you? Buy a megaphone!"

"How is it that a woman can carry a baby, a purse, a diaper bag, groceries and still unlock the front door?"

"Fund your retirement plan...install a pay phone."

"You can always tell if a couple doesn't have kids by their white furniture & carpets."

"Think of gray hair as military stripes... you've earned 'em."

"Save time with toddlers...put the food directly on the floor."

"Sleeps like a baby, usually means up all night."

"Toddlers feel it is their duty to find out just how much toilet paper is on the roll."
"Don't aggravate yourself; keep your kid's bedroom door shut."
Then we ended our perfect day visiting both of our Grandma's who we love so much!!!
Thank you for making my Mother's Day so perfect!
And I will let you in on my little secret....
(I am pretty sure that I was the first in line to pick my children in heaven!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birthday Boy

35 and Never looked Better!
We love May 4th Because:
We get to spoil our Dad with cards, phone calls, surprises, and hugs and kisses all day long.
Have him home in the morning with us for a birthday breakfast.
Make Chocolate Sundae Pie
Go to our Dad's kind of movie.
Stay up late and watch the Jazz game even on a school night
We get to tell our Dad all the millions of things we love about him... and there are millions!!!
Happy Birthday Jason! We love you!!!