Friday, July 15, 2011


Is the age I have been dreading for this boy. Ten still seems like a little boy, but eleven is different in my mind, And I don't like it. My date with Max for his birthday this year was predictable. To Taco Bell of course and to buy a new pair of shoes. His two favorite things, bean burritos and new shoes! This year he had his eyes on a pair of rezigs. He also bought a BYU underarmor shirt and bracelet with his birthday money from his grandma. That is one thing about Max, he knows EXACTLY what he wants.

Max has been playing a lot of baseball this summer. He was on the Jet's superleauge team and then on the Dodgers for Lindon city. This past week we spent every day watching him play in his state tournamet. His team took 2nd in State and he played awesome! You should see him pitch.

Being Eleven means that he is no longer a cub scout. This weekend Max went on the 11 year scout campout. Doesn't he look so CUTE & prepared? His Dad practiced putting up his tent with him in the yard and helped him get all ready. I must of thought about him 1000 times wondering how he was doing.

Happy Birthday Max! I LOVE YOU!!!!

*I love that you insist that I make you a sandwhich the minute you walk through the door because you are always STARVING!

*I love that you wipe your shoes clean every morning before you go anywhere and keep them in perfect condition.

* I love to hear the ball bouncing in the house from morning until LATE at night. Emilee said that "if you don't make the NBA she is going to be ticked because all of the sleep she misses because of you shooting hoops and bouncing the ball off the walls at night."

* I loved listening to you give your talk today in primary about the temples. You stood up there and told the whole thing from memory even though you really wanted to just read it. (You still will listen to your mom.)

* I love that you try your best at everything you do. You are an amazing student at school, you give your best at every game you play in, and your lawn mowing skills are getting pretty impressive.

* And you are a one in a million brother to 4 sisters. When I ask Jayne who her favorite babysitter is she says you. She calls you "honey" and lights up when you walk in the door. You are so patient with all of them and they each LOVE you!

Out of all the little boys in the world.... How was I lucky enough to get you?
Lucy is SIX
This year for Lucy's birthday I took her out on her own special date. She chose to eat at Cafe Rio and then to get ice cream for dessert. Then we went to Target and I let her pick out what ever suprise she wanted. She of course picked out a Justin Bieber Barbie that sings and some cute pillows for her room. I loved every second of being with just her!! We played our favorite guessing game during lunch and it was one of my favorite parts of my summer!

I love you Lucy!!!
I love how you can hold your own against anyone, even your big sister Em.
I love how you laugh uncontroablly.
I love how you play so hard everyday that you pass out the minute you hold still.
I love how you are still the first one up every morning and wake up with a smile.
I loved to watch your determined face as you played soccer this summer.
I love how you will give up your sucker or anything you have to Jayne when she screams because you are the best big sister.
I love that you still want me to hold you and give you kisses and hugs.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! xoxox

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Very Happy 4th!

The Heaps were in town which made it a VERY HAPPY 4th!!

Have I ever mentioned that I love him?

Abbie won this beauty of a firework at our Miller Party. She was so excited that she could hardly wait until we got home to try it out. Which she did... INSIDE the HOUSE. I had just gone up stairs to put Jayne to sleep when I heard this loud screatching and hissing sound coming from downstairs followed by a little yelling from her Dad and then the fire alarm. Jason just happened to walk into the kitchen and see a lit firework spinning everywhere leaving burn marks everywhere it touched. We were all dumb founded to what she was thinking, including her. I had explained earlier that it would grow into a chinese lantern. I guess I should of mentioned that it would happen after all the exploding was through.... we chalked it up to another great 4th of July memory.

As well as....

* Our Steal the Flag game which of course I took my job to guard the flag VERY seriously. (I hope your shoulder is doing okay uncle Matt.)

* Bret's Unbelievable Ribs!

* Jdawgs and swimming at Vertrens pool.

* Sakura, Coneys, andwatching fireworks at PHS.

* Bret buying water for the full parade route. The runner practically grabbbed the first bottle right out of his hands.

* Homemade Subzero ice cream thanks to the Popes.

* Aunt Cindy's fun pinata and swing.

* Blowing up 250 water balloons until 1 AM.