Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Missing Teeth, Birthday Wishes, & Getting Ready for Summer

This little girl is adorable!

Her dad pulled out her first two teeth and I cried.

I'm not ready for big awkward teeth, it instantly changes them.

I love my birthday boy!
I love celebrating May 4th with him!

May all his wishes come true!!!

We are counting down the days until summer.
15 more busy days and then we will be homework and schedule free!

Jason gave the neighbor boys their summer hair cuts in the garage.
Now we just need the sun to stay around!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Another year of fun memories at Moab!....

Playing with cousins, staying in the condos, swimming in freezing temps, "trespassing" while playing basketball, yummy breakfasts at Grandma & Grandpa's condo, watching movies, the car show, park, and lunch in the street, sunglasses, fun rhino rides, stopping for lunch breaks, Taylor and Jason wanting to "nudge" it down Wipeout, seeing snowflakes and freezing, Jason telling us that every ride was Tusher tunnel, Lucy wearing her new Sunday Easter sandals for the full trip of hiking and playing in the dirt, Pasta Jay's and ice cream cones, bundling up with blankets as we watched the cars down main, flying kites, and having the best weekend together!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Miller!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Track Star

This year Emilee ran track for the first time. She ran on her Junior High team and I'd have to say that she was pretty amazing!!!! We had SOOO much fun cheering her on over the past couple months even if we did freeze for most of it. Em is FAST!!! She ran the 200 m, 400 m, 800 m, the 4x100, and the 4x400.

She also did the long jump and threw shot put.

Her favorite is the 4x100. Her team ROCKED taking first place at Alpine Days. She placed in almost every event each week.

Check out that lead!

She may have inherited her dad's speed but I'm pretty sure she inherited her mother's nerves. I hope she didn't get ulcers from her meets. She would start getting worked up the night before each meet and would make herself sick all day at school. I could always count on several texts from school telling me how scared she was.

But she felt the love and support form her favorite people at every meet.

She had a lot of fun with all of her friends... riding the buses, getting out of school early, and all of the down time between events.

I'm not sure I can wait until next year. We sure are proud of you Emilee!!