Monday, November 30, 2009

A few of the MANY things...

I have to be THANKFUL for this year.... This adorable little punk as my side kick everyday and her help while I do the dishes!

Getting to tell and retell the baby Jesus story and singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer 50 times a day with this cute girl!

Getting to stay home and take care of my sweet Abbie while she isn't feeling well.

Getting a play by play recap of the BYU vs Utah game this morning by this football fanatic after a great Victory over the UTES!

And being able to help this girl prepare her talk for Primary today.

And last but not least having this Handsome guy to wake up to each morning.

I feel like a very lucky girl this Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009


This is what my family came home to last night. We all went to watch Jason play in a ward volleyball tournament and when we got home this was posted on the fridge.
If you are hungry - fix something.
If you want clean clothes - wash them.
If you want it clean- clean it.
If you are scared at night - deal with it.
If you need help on your homework - good luck.
If you need a ride - hitchhike.
If you are hurt - grab a band aid.
If you want to be tucked in at night - close your eyes and count sheep.
If you need a referee - figure it out or punch it out...may the best one win.
After a full day cleaning, cooking and running them around I got a lot of complaints from my kids last night.
Em and Abbie (at two separate times)- "What's for dinner?"
Me: Chicken
Em and Ab: What kind?
Em and Ab? What else?
Me: Rice
Em and Ab: And what else?
Me: Vegetables.
Em and Ab: AHHH Not again!! Haven't we had that all week?
(Does salmon, sandwiches, & a new Iranian dish I tried all sound like BBQ chicken to you?)
Obviously this was just the topper of a lot of build up. So I went on strike and told them that they could knock themselves out and be in charge of making all of their own meals from here on out.
When the kids got home and saw the sign posted on the fridge my 3 girls immediately started crying. (Max didn't even see it because he ran down stairs to turn on the last of the Jazz game. He was to worried about a win over the Spurs.)
Abbie: "I don't want to walk to school and dance!"
Emilee: "I need help with my homework tonight and if you don't fill out my reference paper for for me I will get in so much trouble."
Lucy: "Who will buy Mariah's birthday present and take me to the party?"
After a few minutes of sobbing and pleading with me telling me that they were so sorry. I started to soften up a little and helped Emilee with her homework. I even tucked the little girls in bed.
Then my night continued like this:
11:30 pm - went to bed.
11:45 p.m. Lucy starts crying in her bed from a bad dream.
1:15 am- Jayne wakes up to eat.
2:30 am Abbie wakes up crying with an ear ache.
3:00 am Jayne wakes up again.
3:30 am- Max comes up stairs crying sick to his stomach and throws up.
I make him a bed by us with a bowl and tickle his back while he moans for the next several hours.
4:45 am- Max throws up again.
5:00 am -Jayne wakes up AGAIN for another snack.
5:30 am - Jason's alarm goes off and he gets up from a good nights sleep completely unaware of the nights escapades.
5:45 am - Max gets in bed with me.
6:30 am - Lucy and Jayne are up and at 'em ready for their day!
I guess so much for my strike.
The first thing out of my Lucy's mouth this morning when she walked into my room this morning was "Mom are you still on tarsik? I will eat anything you make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and will be the best girl ever!" Let's just say that there were a lot more thank yous this morning and a few extra I love yous!
Maybe you should go on strike too!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

All Better!

Jason and I apparently make bad ears.
All 5 of our kids have had chronic ear aches.... And 3 of them have had to get tubes in their ears.
Today was Jayne's turn.
Here's to better nights sleep and no more antibiotics.
We love you Jayne!
Today I am very grateful for healthy children!! We will take ear aches over many other things that we could be in the hospital for.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Max's Indy 500 Winner

The Pine Wood Derby is something these boys look forward to.
And a LOT of time was put into this beauty.
Max isn't allowed to touch it much but he did help with the awesome paint job and sand the wheels. He likes to stand out in the garage and watch his Dad at work.
Let's just say that the night before the race we were up until 2:00 AM while he worked his magic on his masterpiece and then came home a little early from work to give it some finishing touches. (And that was all after he had spent several nights with Max working in the garage.)
This is one of many times I am glad I am not a single mom. Thank heavens for Dads!

Max was proud of his car!
It didn't take first but it sure was FAST!!!