Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Girls in the Windy City

The only plus about having my two sisters living away from me is...

That I get to visit fun places that I never would otherwise.


This year we went to Chicago to visit Kelly on our girls trip....

and here are a few of my favorite memories.


* Having my mom as my travel partner to navigate our way through the airports.

* Checking into our hotel and Jamie immediately finding out the activities going on in the hotel. She told people about the happening concerts at the Hyatt. Later we even got a little dancing in, even if it was in the hall.

* Jamie's competitive competitions she had us enter in the exercise room. Kelly telling Heath that she almost won.

* Jamie's invention and Kelly's mouthwash comment. Laughing harder than I ever have.

* Macadamia Turtles

* Jamie working on the phone for 4 massages. Kelly's look on her face when she saw her masseuse.

* Shopping with the worlds greatest shopper.... Jamie.

* Meeting the Thompsons for dinner and Kade laying flat in the car.

* Watching the one and only Jimmer with Heath.

* Plucking McKinnley's eyebrows.

* Talking to Maizie and Millie in bed, singing them the 3 bear song, and tucking them in bed.

* Jamie getting mad at me and Jason's late night texting.

* Jamie getting the whole Thompson family ready and looking amazing for church in 10 minutes flat. Getting to do McKinnley's make-up.

* Holding Millie on my lap during sacrament.

* Millie giving us her last dollar.

* Checking out the Internet and angry birds with Madison and Kade.

* Jason getting a taste of what church is like with 5 kids.

* Our broken windshield wiper in a down pour on the crazy freeways of Chicago. Jamie took the wheel and we ventured our way to a Jiffy Lube.

* Staying in the amazing downtown of Chicago and seeing the big city. Thank You Heath!

* Pictures at the Bean.

* Italian Steamers in the Coffee shop.

* Heath's surprise tickets to the theater!

* Fine dining and a fun night of talking and laughing.

* Jamie getting us scratchers and telling us that the broken windshield wiper led us there.

* Getting my hair done.

* A weekend with 3 of my favorite people in the world!

* Coming home to a clean house and a happy family.

Thanks Kelly and Heath for the PARTY! I love you!