Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009 in a glance

Ward Christmas Party

Cuddled up watching the Polar Express

Christmas Eve Breakfast

Christmas Eve at Grandma Millers

Enjoying some great entertainment.

Lew sporting his great winnings after a big game of Bingo.

Jaynie and her FAVORITE thing in the world... Molly, Grandpa's bulldog.
Anywhere Molly is, you are sure to find Jayne laying right on top of her.

Tracking Santa on Grandma's computer.

Christmas Morning

Christmas Evening Program at Wallsburg

As you can see we had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! We hope you did too!
Some Other Highlights included:
The kids Christmas sing at school.
Lucy's preschool program.
Abbie giving away a doll she got for an early Christmas gift to Toys for Tots so another little girl could have a happy Christmas.
Abbie and Lucy checking for elf, reindeer, and Santa's footprints every morning.
Seeing Santa's sleigh flying through the sky with Abbie on Christmas Eve.
All of the cute Christmas gifts and ornaments the kids made us for Christmas.
Our little family gathering around the fire Christmas Eve, telling stories and listening to our Dad teach us the real meaning of Christmas.
Getting phone calls from the kids in the basement wanting us to wake up to see if Santa came.
Max's new tradition of hiding the pickle to see who got to open the first gift of Christmas.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Max

Yesterday as I was getting my kids ready for church Max told me that he was fasting. I told him that it wasn't fast Sunday and he said I know but I still want to fast. When I asked him what special thing he was fasting for, his response was something I will never forget! He said "I am fasting that the poor people will have a good Christmas."

Thursday, December 10, 2009

5 Things

That I love about this child today....
1. She asked me if her lunch was ready at 9:26 this morning. She wakes up asking for me to make pancakes the minute her eyes open and then is ready for lunch before I can even get the breakfast dishes cleaned up.
2. She has become our little phone operator. She learned how to dial 911 at school and kept wanting to call them and tell them when she got hurt or even better to tell them that Don, (My Grandma's husband) had died...which he really did. But she wanted to call 911 and report it to them.
She has called Jason 3 times already this morning until I had to take the phone away from her. I taught her his number trying to distract her from 911 and now she calls him everyday in the middle of work meetings & tithing settlement. I will hear his voice in the middle of the day and wonder why he is home. Then I realize it is just Lucy talking to him on the speaker phone. Now she is learning to call her Grandparents to pester them.
3. She is learning to read and spell and follows me around telling me that she can spell a certain word with her eyes closed. (Like that makes it harder.)
4. She insists on wearing her pj's all day because "not the next day but the next day it is Polar Express day at pre-school" and she gets to wear pajamas to school so she is just getting ready right now.
5. She came in my room crying in the middle of the night last night because "she don't have none dolly's."When I asked her what she meant she said she wanted to sleep with a doll or a teddy bear, (which she never has before.) So I got up and searched the house for a doll and a teddy bear so she could go back to sleep.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tis The Season

We started off the Season with Provo's Annual Christmas Parade.
Grandpa Miller drives the grand kids in his Truck as they hand out candy canes. It is a tradition they love and will always remember.

We also love the Christmas Benefit Concert our girls dance in.

And the best part was Lucy got to dance this year with her big sisters!
We had so much fun all together up in my bathroom putting on makeup, doing their hair and getting all ready for their big night! I feel like such a lucky mom to have all these cute girls!

And of course she was the STAR! You should see this girl shake her hips!

Jenny and Annie came to support their cousins.

Em's Team

Abbie and her buds.

Lucy and Miss Tava
Great Job Girls!!!