Monday, July 30, 2007

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Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary My Love!!!!

11 years and counting!

Eleven years of love, happiness and the best memories!!

I couldn't have dreamed of a life so good and it's all because of you!!! You make me so happy!!!! I feel so lucky to be your wife! I love you ...Always!

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Monday, July 23, 2007


Katy and Abbie are such good little buddies!

Mindy & Cache, Jamie & Jace

These two little boys aren't too little to go down the slides. You should see them go down all by themselves.

Shawn was a happy camper as usual!

Posted by PicasaLucy on the other hand not so happy. Her mom didn't pack her a bottle. So she went snooping around in other peoples bags to find one. She threw such a fit that we had to find her this water bottle in the gift shop and she had to settle for it.

Two wild indians!

Grandma Clark always makes things funner when she is around. I think the kids get their love for water from her!

Thank you Jace for sitting on my lap!!! It isn't easy being in a picture with other bathing beauties!!

Posted by PicasaDax inherited many of his mom's traits!

Happy Birthday Abbie!!!

Can she really be five already?

No, this is not a primary activity this is Abbie's wild Birthday Party. And this picture was taken before several others came to Celebrate!

You should of heard Jason's Mexicana accent as he helped the kids do the pinata.

Posted by PicasaAbbie you make us all so happy!
You're beautiful, sweet, talented, fun, and we all love you so much!
You are an amazing t-ball hitter, an agressive soocer player, a darling little dancer, a creative little artist, a helpful big sister, and the best little girl two parents could ask for!
We love you!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

MAX IS 7!!!!!

Happy Birthday Max!!!

Out of all the little boys in the world, how was I lucky enough to get you?

We love you Max! We are so lucky to have you in our family!

We love your soft heart and the way you take care of your sisters!

We love your determination. You try your hardest at everything you do.

We love your goodness. You always want to do what is right.

We love that you are our boy. You love to play football, basketball, baseball, and like to help your dad.

Max always knows just what he wants. He asked for a "swim" shirt for his birthday and me and Jason weren't quite sure what he meant.

For his party we went to the movie Rattatoulle. Max loves his buddies and his cousins!!

Posted by PicasaMax got a football to throw with his dad. He's got to practice up because he is going to play tackle football this fall.

I'm TWO!!!!

This describes me at my best. I am TROUBLE!!! I am best at making messes! I love to get into my mommy's makeup, the cuborads, and pantry. I don't stay clean for 5 minutes. This picture was taken on the morning of my birthday. My sister was supose to be watching me while my mom was away. I love to color on the walls, write all over by daddy's dashboard in his truck with ink, I love to try to paint my own toenails, and I like to feed myself with my hands. But I know that I am loved!!! My brothers and sisters adore me and play with me, and help watch out for me. My daddy takes me for motorcycle rides, and tells me that I am the cutest little girl in the whole world, and my mommy makes me baba's 100 times a day because I know just how to cry until I get one, and she sings me songs when I go to sleep, and holds me all day long. Don't you think I am cute?

My grandma Clark gave me this little doll I named SUSY. I love to give her a baba and take her everywhere I go.

We love your cute laugh, we love that you wake us up at the break of dawn every morning, we love your cute talk in your own language, and we love it when you sing Wahoo.

We love you Lucy!!!! Happy Birthday!!

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4th of July!!!

God bless America! Land that I love!!!!

The 4th of July is my favorite time of year! I love the early morning breakfast, the parade, the family picnics & BBQ's, & the fireworks. There is such a fun and exciticng feeling this time of year. I feel so blessed to live in such a wonderful country!

I love America!

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It was so good to have the Thompson's here!!!! We sure miss them!

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