Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mexico 2012

This year for Christmas we were LUCKY enough to go to Mexico to help build houses for those in need.  We went with the Charity "Hands of  Charity" and had the week of a lifetime!!!

This is us unloading the two huge trailers that we hauled down with donations.

Day 1... Getting Started on our houses:)

Lucy's nes BFF Grace!
My kids were the best helpers and worked so hard everyday.

At night we would play games and enjoy being all together!

We stayed at the most beautiful place right on the beach.  

Setting up the "store" at the church with all the donations we brought.  The Branch members came to shop and were so grateful!

Braids for the girls.  It was a lot easier putting them in then taking them out!!

Painting a house for a family in the Branch.

Sometimes there was to much work for Jason to stop for lunch. So we brought it to him.

One of the cute families we built the houses for.

Jason worked his BUTT off everyday and was the Chief Captain on the house building

In our Condo

At the job site with the cute Branch President, President Morano.
Playing Soccer with the locals.  
Another house we painted.

Jared would always sniff out the yummiest lunch spots.  This day we stopped for yummy shrimp cocktails.
Becca and Jayne at Combo Taco.  Our Favorite Lunch Spot!!!

The Teenage table at dinner time.
The Amazing Sisters from the branch who cooked us dinner every night!
The BEST part of the whole trip was Sunday Afternoon. We went to Shanty Town to deliver blankets, toys, and food to those in need.  It was one of those things that will forever be engraven in our minds!

Painting nails with the local girls.
New Years Eve we went to this fun restaurant down by the Ocean. We looked over at Emilee and Spencer and they had ordered them these delicious Pina Coladas to celebrate:)
Then we went to a ROCKIN party at the church with all the members to ring in the New Year.  It was the funnest New Years we have ever had!


This will be a Christmas that our family will NEVER forget!  We LOVE Mexico!!!