Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big Day

My Beautiful Em is excited to be ruling the school as a big 9th grader at  Oak Canyon this year.

Emilee and Tyren for their annual rock picture on the first day:) 
She will NOT like that I posted this picture.  I took it while she was talking and had to post it because it shows her braces.  They are about to come off and I need a few pictures to remember her with them on.
 Em and her BFF Maddy

 These girls are excited to wake up early again and get back to loads of homework... oh and maybe see the boys:)
 Round 2
 Max, Lucy and Abbie were all smiles today.  Jayne woke up devastated that she had to wait one more day to start her school.  So she HAD to wear her new school boots around to make her feel better.
 Max is ready to Rule the school at Lindon Elementary.  He is a BIG 6th grader and is changing right before my eyes.   He knew exactly what he wanted to to buy for his school clothes and even wore cologne today.
 My darling Abbie was excited to be back with all of her friends and get socializing.   Bring on 5th Grade!
 And Lucy was probably the most excited of all.  She has been counting down the days and is ready to be a 2nd grader!  She loves everything that school brings!
I'm glad that these three have at least one more year all together!

I will miss you all!  Be Good and Remember Who YOU Are!!!

I asked each of them to think of one goal to have as they started the new year.  Here is what they said.

Emilee- "Get Straight A's all year."
Max- "Finish out Elementary with Straight A's.  Never miss a fun Friday and make even more friends."
Abbie- "Put School before anything else."
Lucy- "Look my very prettiest every day."  (Which is SO Lucy)

* "Then last night Jason gave us all our Back to School Fathers Blessings for FHE.  And when it was Jayne's turn, she looked at me and said... "OK, I guess I'll get the Priesthood."  I haven't stopped laughing about that ever since.  I love that GIRL!!!