Friday, May 25, 2012

The FUNNEST day of the Year!

Field Day again, and we had SO much FUN!  I love watching my kids have fun and just be kids.  As you know, the marathon is pretty big stuff and this year didn't disappoint.  Max took 2nd in the mile run against the whole school.  He was ahead the whole time until he ran out of gas just before the finish line and got passed my a big 6th grader.  But WOW was he fast!!  He ran a 5:50 mile!    I was proud.  My girls were also AMAZING!  They ran their hearts out and did AWESOME!  Abbie got 2 first place ribbons for her relays and won each one of her heats!  Max took 3rd with his relay team and you can tell by his face he WASN'T happy.  Jayne polished of 5 bags of cotton candy, snowcones, and anything else she could shove into her mouth and ran wild for 5 straight hours.  Emilee played hookie for the morning and came to join in on the fun.  The School Year has flown by and the Millers are ready for the SUMMER!  Bring IT!

Brother Brigham

Max was Brigham Young for his 5th Grade's Wax Museum.  I'm pretty sure Brother Brigham was smiling down proud that Max was portraying him.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Lucy Loves Life!  She wakes up every morning excited about the day.

She and her friend  Meagan were in the first grade talent show together.  They did the cutest zumba dance thanks to Shauna's choreography:)    She also just had her dance recital last night and was adorable.  Her and her friend Millie have been taking a dance class down at the city center.  The best part of it was that the recital was only 2 numbers long.  Total!  Her dad loved that!  And her CUTE school teacher Mrs. Rogers made it for the big event.  Lucy your mom loves watching anything you do!!!!!

Jayne's "Home" Preschool

This year we had SO much fun taking turns having preschool for Jayne and her friends!  She looked forward to Monday's every week!  Too bad Isabelle and Addy were both sick the day I took pictures.  I'm so glad I still have a preschooler home with me during the days!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A QUICK trip to Moab

Our Yearly trip to Moab is something we always look forward to.  The weather was perfect and we had fun being with Jason's family.
* This year Emilee rode her own machine.  I did NOT want her to and thought it would be to hard and scary for her.  Jason insisted that she would be fine.  And for the first time in our marriage, he was right. She did AWESOME and made her dad proud.
* Swimming with the kids in the hotel.
*  Leaving at 5:30 a.m. and all packing in the smokey Miller truck.
* Hiking the delicate arch.  Grandpa Miller was a Rockstar!