Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas! 2008

We hope everyone had as a Wonderful Christmas Season as we did!
Christmas time is always so magical and I am so grateful for my little kids that make this time of year so much fun!
I haven't been very good at posting or taking pictures this past month or so. But we thought we would share some of the highlights that we did capture:
I couldn't find Emilee's picture of her sitting on Santa's lap but look how cute she looks on Archie the Elf's knee. (Bret you are a one of a kind uncle and we love you!)

All Smiles this year!

Visiting Santa at the North Pole on our Polar Express Adventure

Jason getting into the Christmas Carols.

Christmas Eve Morning

Christmas Eve Night
Thanks Mom and Dad for making the night so perfect!
Have you ever seen such a beautiful little Mary?

Emilee and Jenny sang as part of annual Nativity Program.

The kids dancing with Archie the Elf.

Christmas Morning Abbie was thrilled to get her very own Karaoke machine. She sings a mean High School Musical Solo! ( And Look- She lost her first tooth.)

This is how we spent most of Christmas Day. We never knew how much fun guitar hero was. The whole family sang and played along all day.
(The only trick is to talk our dad into letting us have a turn!)

Wish I had my camera for our annual Christmas Breakfast at Grandma & Grandpa Miller's. It wouldn't be Christmas without their yummy breakfast. The kids loved their Christmas Jammies and we love all being together.

Jason's Little Chirstmas Project

There is something about Christmas Time that Jason seems to always get a wild hair and starts up some major project. We moved into this house on December 23rd, 7 years ago which made for a memorable and busy Christmas Season. Last Year he decided to start finishing our basement through the Christmas Holidays and this year he did a little remodeling on our family room. The Day after Thanksgiving he started tearing down walls, took out our fireplace and built- in t.v. out and started a BIG MESS! Thank heavens he works fast and had us back to normal again in just 10 days. There is nothing like having workers in your house round the clock and having the whole house masked off while trying to get through the business of the holidays. Can you imagine a BIG pregnant lady going in and out of the house through the basement window well?
The highlight was getting kicked out of our house for a night while the painters were there and staying up at a Hotel in Salt Lake all together. We got to see the Christmas Lights, swim and make a memorable night out of it.

Grandpa Miller came over for the first day of demo and joined in on the fun. I love to watch these two work together because they both like to be the one in charge.

We had a lot of good help as you can see. Bashing the walls with permission.

It became a neighborhood effort to help get our house back together as soon as possible. Ray was here for several nights in a row until 1:00 a.m. helping with all of his expertise. Thank you Darrin, Chris, Dan, everyone that spent late nights working to help us!!! I had more fun sitting back and listening to them laugh and crack jokes all night as they all worked. THANK YOU GUYS!!
All in all it was worth it! I have to admit our house does look better!